What dreams puddle

Seen a puddle in a dream often reflects the real fears and discontent with their lives. Besides, it is a call to prudence and caution in touch. If you had a puddle of water, covered with a crust of ice, make sure everything is okay in your marriage. Should show more warmth beloved and important people. To obtain reliable interpretation of dream events that are associated with the pools, it is necessary to consider the actions take place, the condition of the water and other details seen.

what dreams puddle

What dreams puddle

To fall into a puddle

If you dream you accidentally fell into a puddle, you should take this information as a warning. There is a possibility to do the improper act or be a «hero» trouble in reality. Taking timely precautions, you can minimize the impact of future events or even to avoid them.

See how your kid falls in a puddle, think about it! Most likely, in reality you demand too much from their child. Be patient and support. Only in this way you will maintain good relationships with children.

What is in the puddle

To understand exactly what dream pool, you need to consider what it is:

pure water is the precursor to tears, the cause of which will be resentment, gossip or undeserved charges. Demonstrate firmness and mentally prepare for a situation in advance;

urine – a sign of good luck and incredible luck. You can win the lottery or receive a large inheritance, which is not expected;

blood – you will meet with someone from blood relatives. Do not be afraid, it is a good symbol;

mud is a warning that your reputation is not as immaculate as you think. Do not miss the chance to prove themselves on the positive side, proving to others his integrity.

Walking through the puddles

If you dream you overcome the deep pool, while soaking my feet, remember how you did it. The answer will tell you the path to success in real life. Have used foreign objects – seek the help of patrons and partners, and if you jump over any obstacle – you will be able to independently achieve fame.

Walking in the rain through puddles in the interpretation of dreams remind you that carefree life ends sooner or later. One should not miss the opportunity, otherwise you’ll have to regret time wasted.

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