What does the dream about prostitutes

The prostitute symbolizes the possible consumption of energy, of vitality wasted. Sometimes such dreams point to the denial of their own sexuality. For women Puritan upbringing that means it’s time to see in yourself attractive personality.

dream interpretation prostitute

What dream interpretation Lek about prostitutes

Erotic dream book

Hooker interprets as a symbol of this dream may be for men a symptom is just a fake, questionable friends, relationships, business Affairs. Perhaps a direct indication of the desire to exercise their erotic fantasies, in which he denies my love. To pay the courtesan in a dream – to waste.

The girl the dream promises to be inconsiderate, for what it may ridicule the close people (to communicate with a prostitute).

To work as a prostitute – dream interpretation interpret as a physical need for affection, moving your intimate desires on the back burner.

Also significant activity in unloved business, continue the old relationship out of obligation.

The Dream Miller

Working as a call girl to the money that will come in hand. To pay the courtesan to deceit, dishonor, disrepute. Talking is good luck.

Dream interpretation of psychologist A. meneghetti

To see a woman of easy virtue in the dream – the real causes of the behavior of the mother, sister or daughter. This reality can manifest in the form of very short skirts, bright lipstick or a constant change of companions.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Had a courtesan can be a sign of upcoming financial changes (for girl – profit, for young men to losses). Sometimes it is a symbol of problems and misunderstandings with an older woman in the family – mother or grandmother.

The Dream Miller

An unmarried woman sleeping with a prostitute alludes to its consumer relationship to the beloved. He is sincere and ready for anything.

Society representatives of the oldest profession – to the condemnation of the friends. But they appeared out of nowhere. The dreamer should behave in the company of more reserved.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

If a girl of easy virtue in the dream was in poor form, so in reality snovydiv anticipates understands and loving young man. The overly painted hooker – deception, which will be bad, «disguised», it can immediately be opened, if you take a sober look at the situation.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

For a married person had a courtesan means problems with her husband. But they will only caused by jealousy. It is not excluded that empty suspicion would jeopardize the family idyll. You need to be careful to her husband, and the number of taboos in the bedroom to reduce.

To see the image of moths native woman, so rush between loved ones, proving to everyone his love.

Corrupt the inherent sexuality of the courtesans is a subconscious embodiment of love, and to yourself, friends, partner or work – knows best the one who had a prostitute, says dream.

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