Dream prison. How to explain this dream?

Saw in a dream prison? Do not rush upset. Learn different interpretations of this symbol.

What dreams prison

What dreams prison

Feminine dreams

A dream about a prison heralds the opening is not very pleasant mystery. It is difficult to be silent, but will have to handle with care.

The sunlight in the window of the prison would be a sign of overcoming a difficult situation. This will help a good intuition.

See himself in prison – approaching danger. Should pay attention to important conversations.

Don’t go to jail – the expectation of profit.

What dreams prison the girl if in a dream under the custody of her beloved man? Talking about someone unworthy, whose feelings insincere.

Family dream book

A miracle to avoid being put into custody – to a good deal.

Dreaming of a jailer – interference of outsiders in your business will become a significant obstacle to obtaining a result.

Crowding at the door of the prison people want them to break down? A dream can warn of possible Scam.

The Russian dream book

Go to jail is to feel awkward in the near future.

Ukrainian dream book

What you dream of sitting in jail? Should be ready for changes in life. Associated they may be with the welfare or sad mood.

French dream book

Prison – a symbol of mystery. To reveal her is to incur the trouble.

Italian dream

Any episode associated with the prison – human impotence.

The American dream

In this dream the prison is a symbol of obstacles that have arisen due to your fault.

English dream interpretation

Detention is a good financial situation. Business People promises success in business.

Seen the virgin choice in prison – up to a strong marriage.

The prison had a young man – to marry for love. He would especially appreciate the one he chooses in this period.

Escape from prison – a change of circumstances for the better. Seeing the dream of a sick person will get better.

Gypsy dream book

Sitting in a dream in jail, tormented by guilt. Once it was committed thing, and it will have to answer.

Chinese dream interpretation

To suffer behind bars – the dream of a future brilliant career.

To die in prison is a good result of office Affairs.

See criminals who are behind bars, to large troubles.

The mess, the dirt of the prison predicting the success in your endeavors.

Prison, dream woman, for pregnancy.

Mayan dream interpretation

To protect the criminal in jail – to the attainment of peace without much effort.

To sit in prison – for failure in any endeavor.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Dreamt you were in prison? It is an indicator of the complexes, which is an obstacle in the implementation of the plan.

Look at the street through a lattice window – a sign of the appearance in the environment of an influential person. Dependence on him will be inevitable.

Attempts to break out of my prison of caution about hasty conclusions and troubles of their consequences.

Breaking the grid – a desire to get out from under someone else’s influence.

To help the person to be released from prison – attempts to overcome the problem of loneliness.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

What dream prison? Someone has to keep secrets. This behavior can have a negative impact on the future.

To sit in custody to be warned about the dangers of approaching a situation.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

The prison – experiences of sexual contact that must soon take place. Men fear not meet the expectations of women do not want to be deceived by another lover, girls do not want to part with innocence.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

To be under lock and key to stay protected from problems from outside.

The inability to escape from prison – a remote desire. They can be associated with the limited choice or his excess.

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