What a dream pregnancy test

Pregnancy in the dream vivid and exciting, but controversial vision. Interpretation of his most famous dream books?

Dream interpretation of the seasons

A vision of pregnancy in dream in the fall of that year, but soon the woman, and she will be in a position.

If in the winter season, the woman sees a dream that she is expecting a baby, it promises health problems, if a pregnant other woman for money, a pregnant relative who is younger in age, to the contention.

Learn in a dream that you’re pregnant in the summer – unexpected income, to find out that a pregnant friend to relationship problems with her husband.

Dreams about pregnancy of a close person:

Relative to life changes. The closer the relatives, the more global changes;

Grandmother – to the emergence of new ideas;

Sister – in-law to a large number of the best deals;

Mother in law – close relatives await completion.

Ukrainian dream book

According to the Ukrainian dream, pregnancy in a dream – to the emergence of ambitious plans. If a young girl in the dream are expecting a baby, it lurks deception, a grown woman – to the surprise if the old woman had a pregnancy, she managed to avoid death.

Dream Interpretation Of The Apostle

According to this dream interpretation pregnancy dream for women age to the imminent death, to see themselves pregnant to far-reaching plans, for a married – to a reconciliation with her husband, to meet a pregnant friend to the trouble.

Dream Interpretation Psychic

A woman dreams that she is expecting a child, to ambitious plans for the future, knowing that a friend is pregnant, promises a variety of ways.

The Jewish dream book

What dream pregnancy and childbirth, according to the Jewish dream book? In any manifestation, is the imminent concerns.

Lunar dream book

Wait for the child, in this dream, for a young girl promises the worries and cares, for adult women – success in all things.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If the pregnant woman sees herself as a young woman to misunderstandings, Mature woman – to prosperity in business. If the pregnancy appears in the night visions, and men, it’s a hassle. If a man saw himself pregnant, that’s a bad sign these paintings having to change.

Dream interpretation pregnancy

What a dream pregnancy and childbirth

Dream Meridian

A childless woman, vision of pregnancy, or permission from it can promise a quick conception, or an unexpected profit. Man, these pictures can Herald prosperity in business. Feel in a dream the movement of the child in the womb – need to be careful, maybe try to pull a Scam.

If the perturbation does not bring the woman joy – to the disease. In the dream sees a friend in the situation – the girl is too dependent on the opinions of others, if the friend really is pregnant – she will have easy delivery.

What a dream pregnancy test? A positive test for ladies who wants a baby, – a favorable sign that the dream will come true.

Women’s dream book

Pregnancy in a dream to women is a sign of imminent birth, as when a woman is pregnant, communicates without any problems.

Psychological dream dictionary

If you dream of pregnancy,

  • by A. meneghetti – a dream is interpreted as negative, symbolizes that the person who sees the dream, give in to pressure of others or has hidden internal diseases;
  • according to S. Freud, if a woman saw that she was pregnant, so soon she’ll get pregnant, for single ladies it could be a sign of the imminent beginning of close emotional relationships. If this vision of my husband, he wants to have kids with the woman he loved. In this dream, pregnancy — difficulties in relations with the opposite sex;
  • for Mr. Miller to see myself pregnant in my dreams threatens the woman unhappy marriage and promises the birth of ugly children. If the pregnant woman saw the virgin, she will face the actions of defaming her, if pregnancy dreamed the woman who is pregnant – to a successful delivery;
  • D. Lofa pregnancy in a dream symbolizes material well-being, creativity, sexual flourishing. If you see yourself pregnant young girl, in fact, has no plans to get pregnant, this shows the transition to the new level of development, from child to adult. If pregnancy he dreams of woman who are sexually active, it may be due to its fear of an unwanted pregnancy. If oneself in the position saw a man, he suffers from its lack of implementation in any sphere of life, thus trying to compensate. Women in position such visions often symbolize a fear of the new role and lack of maternal instincts.

Esoteric dream book

What is the evidence of esoteric dream interpretation what dreams pregnancy? If the situation sees himself as an innocent girl, she will face deception an adult woman – to prosperity in all areas of a pregnant woman saw man – trouble.

Dream book of white magic

For men to see the imminent appearance of the child – success, financial well-being; if he sees that the woman is giving birth – to a small difficulty. According to this dream interpretation, if his wife is really pregnant, the dream has no special meaning. Saw the pregnant young girl, it’s time to implement the maternal instinct.

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