What dreaming of potatoes

A dream books believe the potato is a symbol of change and significant events that will occur in the near future. However, the correct decryption of sleep is necessary to consider the plot.

sleep potatoes

What dreaming of potatoes?

To cook the dish of potatoes

A dream in which you fry, cook or prepare another way of potatoes, foretells the offer of well-paid jobs. But if you use small tubers as one of many components of food of possible failure or unpleasant person.

To clean root vegetables

If you dream you are scraped from the root peel, it means that soon your life will change for the better. There will be a chance to show their best side and deserve the respect of others, as well as get rid of unfair ridicule.

There are cooked potatoes

Different dream books have different interpretations of what dreaming of potatoes and eating dishes from it:

to job dissatisfaction

to prosperity and a good harvest;

to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

to career growth and higher wages.

To the interpretation of the dream was true, should consider not only the condition of the potatoes and the form (raw, cooked, cleaned and so on), but also surrounding objects and circumstances.


Sleep, associated with the collection of potatoes, evidence of possible diseases that will present themselves soon enough. In addition, the harvest points to the time-consuming work that will have to perform in reality. Rotten or damaged roots portend trouble, and the deterioration of the financial situation. However, most commentators converge on the opinion that dreams related to the collection of potatoes, portend success, success and profit.

Other interpretations

Potatoes – a very controversial character. In order to correctly interpret such a dream, be aware of events and other objects seen in a dream.

Esoteric dream book

Claims that one who in a dream sees or eats just potatoes, will not want for anything. Into his life comes a successful period.

Ukrainian dream book

Treats seen potato as a sign of the imminent meeting interesting people. However, the harvest from the fields to health problems.

The Dream Miller

Portends auspicious events and meetings with nice people, who have not appeared in your life.

The drafters of the Eastern dream book believe that to dream of potatoes to worry about the problems that you can easily handle. No need to worry and get upset over nothing.

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