What is a dream pot?

Sometimes we dream of things that have long gone out of use, usually household items, dishes, clothes. Most often, this dream is only a kind of interpretation from seen historical films or newsreels. Sometimes the same pot appears in the dream at the first sight for no apparent reason. Different dream books give this your explanation.

What dreams pot dream interpretation

What dreams pot dream interpretation

Summer dream

Relying on the old adage «the Empty pot loud thunders», you can give the simplest explanation of such a vision. Pot in a dream – talk with a friend, and absolutely empty, nothing.

Autumn dream interpretation

About the empty pot in his word. But this dream book interprets the complete pot in a dream as a harbinger of obtaining quick wealth, profit.

Spring dream interpretation

In this interpreter you can find an explanation of what having a pot with various contents: porridge – for sore throat, with gold, until the conclusion of the case, the night with its fill – for money.

Children’s dream book

See the pot in your sleep, miss family (the pot is a symbol of home, comfort). There is another interpretation, associated with the chamber pot. The emergence of such a subject in a dream may signal about the danger of falling into the ridiculous situation. There is a risk of becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of others, so a little more attentive to the world around them, and their behavior to take control.

Small dream book of Veles

There are many different explanations, they depend on the type of pot you dream, what was happening to him. Full vessel – evidence of profit, generating income, execution of the plan. Broken pot signals about emerging health problems of the dreamer.

If you dream that a person puts the pot or vessel is divided into the eyes, then the dream is not very good, evidence of failure, distress and even death in the near surroundings.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The situation is reversed – smash pots in a dream means prosperity: the more shards, the more profit. If you dream that in your own home on the window is a strange pot of flowers, it is a kind of subconscious hint that the man clearly does not what you need in your life. He needs to change his profession or occupation.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The interpreter adheres to the known versions, or children’s potty is a warning about the troubles, worries and troubles. Pot, filled with soil and growing a flower, symbolizes hearth and home, prosperity.

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