What a dream porch

The dreams in which appears the porch of the house, portend something good for you. Such dream promises you a carefree life, happiness and joyful days.

Autumn dream interpretation

the porch dream

Porch in a dream — what a dream

If in the dream you watched the man who repairs damaged porch, it suggests that your family life will again be happy. Do not despair, all ends well, you will be able to keep the family together.

A modern dream book

Watch night dreams on the porch means that you have a lot of plans for the future, you want to do a lot of things, but your future life seems covered with darkness and the unknown.

Women’s dream book

The porch can dream – you have to participate in the new endeavor. Also, this dream can mean the impermanence of your destiny. If a young girl in the dream was standing on the porch with her boyfriend, this suggests that she doesn’t completely trust their partner. She has many doubts regarding his character, positive and negative qualities. If in the night the dreams you had to attach to the house porch, be prepared for the fact that you will have new duties and great responsibility.

The newest dream book

If you dream you had a long time to stand on the porch, then you have a serious choice to make responsible decisions. This will play a big role in your future. Repair or construction of a porch – someone close to you gets sick. If you dream you cleaned or washed porch, your family will be happy and friendly.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The porch in the dream – you have something great need.

Spring dream interpretation

If you dream you saw the destroyed porch, it portends early death of the father or mother. If a young girl sees in a dream that she washes her porch, she’s going to be the forthcoming wedding. Stand on the porch and gaze off into the distance – the youth and childhood behind, now starts the adult life with its joys, troubles, sorrows and experiences.

Summer dream

If you dream you sat and rested on the porch and nibble sunflower seeds sunflower, so the fate promises you an easy and quiet life.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If in the dream you admire a porch, a magnificent building, be careful. Your desire for popularity and recognition will seriously harm you and your family and friends will be a lot of worry for you. If the porch was old or grave, you will have to participate in the case, doomed to failure.

Children’s dream book

If the child saw the porch in the dream, it is a sign that his life will be a radical change. It is a special time when you have the opportunity to realize their potential, to show their abilities, develop their talents. The main thing – do not miss this chance.

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