What seems to pool in my dream

Our dreams – the time portal between the present and the future. The dream, correctly interpreted, can protect us from rash decisions and even life-threatening threats, to lift the veil of future events. If waking up in the morning, you beg the question «why is having a pool?», the comprehensive answer you will find in this article.

What a dream pool

What a dream pool

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Swim in a dream pool means new love affair, which will cover you head and distract from everyday Affairs and bustle. This passion will seem to you the strongest in your life. However, the objective reality will be revealed to you immediately after receipt with this person in an intimate relationship. Inevitably, the frustration, the reasons may be many.

An empty swimming pool in the dream is a reflection of the spiritual emptiness that you feel after a breakup with a loved one. Former partner was the center of your universe, now you’re just confused and don’t know how to move on. Throw away the sadness and think about yourself, you probably deserve a better man next to him.

Dream Meridian

Dream Meridian is an interpretation of a pool of water as a gain in the near future.

To swim in the pool with water the fairer sex means a fateful meeting that will lay the Foundation of a strong and lasting love relationships.

The Dream Book Of Miller

If you dream as you swim in the pool, it suggests that your positive qualities, honesty and dignity will help you to find a faithful friend and companion for life.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

Dream book explains in detail what a dream to swim in the pool. If you swim expect in the near future an important meeting, perhaps with the person to whom you were once concerned.

Cleverly float on the water, just as you can do that in real life, means that soon you will make the best offer. However, do not immediately agree, you must carefully weigh all the «pros» and «cons» and analyze the details, perhaps for the best offer lies the deception.

If in the dream someone close to you floating in the pool, expect global changes in all spheres of life, including in the family and at work.

To dream as you jump into the pool from a high tower means a crucial period for you, an important decision, global discovery, which will lead to fundamental changes in your life.

A modern dream book

If you dream of a clean pool and you swim in the mirror of water – this means that you will receive public recognition and respect.

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