What does the dream about poltergeist

To dream «noisy spirit», also called poltergeist, means the initiative is ill-conceived cases, errors in the work. But to blame myself a dreamer not worth it. Reason – in the external factors. The main thing – to achieve inner harmony, to agree with him. Soon will come peace of mind and things will look new.

dream interpretation poltergeist

I know dreams about poltergeists?

The Dream Miller

Terrible, terrible poltergeist, according to parenting psychologist, symbolizes the discipline and responsibility of the dreamer. In real life this man will do anything to his family was happy, and well-being and comfort settled in the house.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Buy poltergeist or house – to the happy occasion. Winning the lottery or a good exam is hard to say, but the possibility of losing is unforgivable.

Women’s dream book

Feel in the dream itself the spirit of the real problems with physical health. The body is weakened, you can get sick like colds and viral disease.

Lunar dream book

Angry poltergeist in a new house – dream interpretation interprets this as the need to establish contact with the household. One of them requires the understanding and concerns of the dreamer. The conversation might bring.

To see house, who is trying to hurt in a dream – in reality a person has identity issues. It’s time to understand their desires and build a rough plan for the near future.

Had frightened the evil spirit people to the fact that soon people will have to deal with strange phenomena happening. Perhaps the new feelings or actions, based on intuition, will make the life of a dreamer, more vivid and intriguing.

Oriental dream book

To see how the poltergeist moves things, noise, exacerbation of chronic illnesses. If you manage to calm him down, recovery will come faster than you think.

Prividevshayasya spirit knows better house, in which the dreamer, in reality, you need to deal with their complexes. They complicate life, though based on nothing.

To see beaten by a poltergeist person and try to defuse the spirit – waking the dreamer will help in a difficult situation to a close friend, it will not be difficult for him.

Dream interpretation Mrs. Hasse

Rearrange the furniture in the company of the poltergeist – all cases will be to argue, conversations take place naturally.

Tapping with or otherwise communicate with the poltergeist – so in reality you can expect dear to the hearts of the guests or to the long-awaited information, learn something pleasant.

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