What is seen the policeman in the dream?

To deal with the police – not always the most pleasant experience. With police officers are usually associated problems. What the downers say about the police?

what dream police

And do not tell the police?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To solve the issue with the police to a large family quarrels and conflicts.

Talk to the policeman – you are in big trouble because of misunderstandings or wrong interpretation of your words. Take care of yourself.

To escape from the police – someone was putting too much pressure on you subjugates. To get rid of it, but only with great effort. At work try to avoid conflicts, they are fraught with trouble.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The policeman in the dream says about the imminent emergence of the problems that you will not be able to understand without assistance.

To be a guardian of order – soon you will be able to lean on someone from acquaintances. He you for that in the future will thank you.

If you are searching for quick contact with people who are capable of meanness. To avoid them will not succeed, but to be on the alert then nothing bad will happen.

Police patrol – you can be drawn into the story that will bring a lot of problems, although you not at all concerned.

Passport – big change.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Communication with a policeman for no reason at all family arguments, frustration, resentment.

Arrest – you do not perform some important promises. Maybe just forget about them, but someone you were very much offended.

The policeman at your house, someone from relatives is waiting for a serious illness.

Dream interpretation online

Pursued by the police – if you are still single, you will soon meet your soulmate.

Children’s dream book

The police – trouble.

To dream of a policeman – your cheating will be revealed very soon. If you did not admit what you did, you’re in for a very unpleasant payback.

The interpreter of seasons

The police says that you have to do unpleasant things.

There is a policeman at work will give you a lot of instructions.

Communication with law enforcement – to misunderstandings.

Dream police – you are waiting for undeserved accusations.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To be stopped by a police officer – loss not your fault.

Chase you should avoid any conflicts. Even the lightest of them can lead to very big trouble.

To play the role of a policeman – you do not get anyone to prove his innocence. To succeed, you have to work hard.

A modern dream book

The appearance of the police the dream portends trouble at work and in family life. Someone can offend you.

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