Dream interpretation: to dream of kissing people

Kiss – the action itself is pleasant. And, most likely, saw in a dream a kiss, especially if they themselves took part in it, you Wake up with a pleasant feeling. Let us consider the implications of the dream. What does it mean to dream of kissing?

What people kiss in dreams, dream interpretation

What people kiss in dreams, dream interpretation

Oriental dream book

If you dream you kiss a person – in real life you face the final cessation of communication with him.

Family dream book

To dream of kissing children is a sign of prosperity in family life and successful self-realization at work.

Had a dream that you are kissing your mother – also a good dream, foretells success in business and respect in the field of personal. To kiss close relatives in the dream – you will be a great joy in real life.

Kissed a loved one in the light – a symbol of noble relations to the opposite sex, in the dark – the warning against riotous living, stick to traditional values.

A kiss in a dream a stranger – avoid actions that are against morality. Your kiss has got a foe – perhaps a reconciliation with someone from the environment. For couples to see a joint kiss in a dream – a sign of coherent and well living together.

Dream Interpretation Azar

Had a kiss – to betray a partner, kissing a man sex is a sign of enmity and strife, and kissed you – please reconsider your attitude towards friends is not the best, blow a kiss – a sign of humility, to dream of kissing doves – this means affection.

Dream interpretation-horoscope

To see a dream in which there are people kissing, is the hint of your excessive interest in someone else’s life.

Dream lovers

If you kiss your partner in the dark is a celebration of debauchery, but if the kiss happens in the world, then nothing can change your good attitude towards women. To dream of a kiss of children means that the relationship of your couple will go smoothly and the quarrel will be forgotten. Kissing your mother will enjoy respect and love of someone close.

I see that your girlfriend kisses another man in my life you run a high risk of losing its location to yourself, if yourself kissing a strange woman – at risk to do something immoral, if you kiss in your sleep with the husband or wife is a sign of the harmony of your relationship. If the sleeping dream that she caught the kiss with a loved – be prepared to betray his friends.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The kiss is a symbol of sexual intercourse. If you dream that you kiss, it means your passion to dominate in sex. To dream of police officers you try to give freedom of action to their partner, believe me, it does not disappoint. But a passionate kiss in a dream promises sexual problems in reality, more carefully monitor your health in this area.

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