What dreams of snake venom in a dream

In sleep poison, a symbol of evil thoughts that are brewing in the mind of a sleeping or prepare against it. Know if you are ready to pour in my sleep poison someone, this evil will turn against you.

sleep otruta

To dream of snake venom

Women’s dream book

By dream to see the poison or keep it in your hands – a bad sign. Perhaps you are in danger or you can become seriously ill.

Poison the poison – the machinations of ill-wishers.

Poisoned another – you think about the bad people who surround you.

To poison the enemy – to succeed in eliminating the enemy in real life.

To throw the poison to avoid trouble and succeed, only if you make the effort.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

To prepare the poison in the sleeping mind hatching a cunning plan, there is a desire for revenge.

To drink – the dissatisfaction in the sexual life.

Pour the poison unwanted pregnancy.

Spring dream interpretation

On the question of what the poison dream, this dream answers to recovery. If you drink the poison yourself, then your health will be normal, and if you put it to another person – someone close to you will be able to overcome a serious illness. A desire to poison someone in a dream tells about the opposition to sleep with his conscience.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

You were poisoned, you were under the influence of other people.

Poisoned someone- someone close to you cannot understand life, confused, sees no way out.

Poisoned by relatives – evil gets to your family.

To poison the enemy, to endure all the trials.

The doctor prescribed the poison you took the risky, but can be performed successfully.

Esoteric dream book

To make a poison – you are a sycophant and willing to obey other people, changing their principles. The brothers gathered around you sycophants.

Oriental dream book

The bottle of poison – you are surrounded by enemies, by evil men, beware.

The poison of the snake in the dream is your enemy too close.

The venom had no effect – separation from one, to lose a friend.

Imperial dream book

Drinking poison – are you ready for action, determined, nothing can stop you.

Forced to drink poison, because you’re afraid.

To give someone a poison to get rid of competitors.

To throw the poison to forget about the offense, reconciliation.

To cook is a bad idea.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If the sleeper dreams that he is preparing the poisonous potion, his mental health may be under threat. Maybe live in it children or old grievances which cannot find an exit. The dreamer suffers and wants to take it out on others, but common sense forces him to control his emotions. Preparation of poison to someone — a desire to subjugate a loved one of his own, to make dependent.

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