What dream points

The greatest interpretation of dreams about glasses is for those who are in my life such has not. Your subconscious sends a signal, after which you will be able to avoid many troubles and small troubles.

dream interpretation glasses

What dream points

To wear glasses

Usually, the dream indicates that you need to look around and better to look at what is happening. Subconsciously, you’re afraid to do it. But if you become cautious, will be able to notice that he had trusted the wrong person – hence the trouble.

Smash the glasses

To dream of broken glasses or break them – promises of long separations from family and loved ones. During a breakup you can wait for a test of loyalty. Don’t lose your head and remember those who are waiting for you at home, otherwise there will be trouble. Another interpretation of is a small pecuniary losses that can be avoided, if to be careful.

If you had your glasses broken or cracked frame – in the family there will be problems.

Lose points

In the future you will be disappointed in people or in your life. You don’t cherish what you have now and will not benefit from open opportunities. If you understand this and take full advantage of the destiny by chance, will be able to avoid feelings of regret and disappointment.

To drop points

Expect strange and unexpected news or events that can be disturbing. Keep your composure, it will help you to get out of the situation.

To look for glasses

The dream foretells the search for solutions to problems, the bustle, groundless fears, and suspiciousness in real life. It may be mess in the Affairs and relationships with others.

To sit on the glasses

You don’t notice or vain to refuse to offer assistance.

Get points

If in the dream a friend gives or makes it available to you, you will have to find someone who can give good advice and help to cope with the problems. What dream points earned from the enemy? Someone who dismisses you about the unpleasant rumors.

To buy glasses

You should be careful not to succumb to the dubious flattery and undeserved honors.

Read through the glasses

Your impression about unfamiliar person will have to meet in the near future, will be incorrect. Familiarity will allow you to look at it in its true light. You can also give an unfair accusation.

Dark sunglasses

Be careful, you will fall under the influence of a personality with a bad reputation. You may ignore important events happening before your eyes.

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