What is the meaning of plum according to the dream books

The gifts of nature allow us to enjoy sweet-sour taste, get the necessary vitamins, minerals. But eat them in my sleep is another matter. Any kind of fruit or vegetable can mean major changes in life, to presage events. What does dreams about plums.

dream interpretation, Clive

How to interpret dreams plum

Women’s dream book

To dream of unripe, green plums – your welfare is in danger. To circumvent the problem, only hard work, building relationships with loved ones. But be careful, it may «switch» to the family, and your assistance to them is invaluable. Ripe plum in dream – you enjoy the fleeting pleasure. To harvest plums – planned you are, but be prepared for disappointment. Received does not bring satisfaction and prosperity. Sleep eating plums – you could be dragged into dubious pleasure, addicted to the fleeting novel. To pick up the windfalls and rotten plum – habit to create comfortable conditions not only for a loved one can cause resentment on the part of you dear people. Start thinking about your immediate environment.

The Dream Miller

Ripe and sweet plum dream for fleeting pleasures, where the pleasure will only get you. Green, unripe fruit – are waiting for trouble, hardship, anxiety which touch your loved ones, friends. In this dream book to collect plums from tree – achieved dreams will disappoint his unsubstantiated and will not bring joy.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

There are plums in the dream – expect trouble, failure at work, conflicts in the family. Tear the plums from the branches will reach reconciliation with friends or family, with whom relations were spoiled due to your fault. Distribute plums quarrel with colleagues or family, you will appreciate the actions of close friends. Favorite food prunes dream to get acquainted with new people. Sour berries in the dream to discord, scandals. Sweet fruit portend a party, fun, a pleasant pastime in a circle of friends. Drying plums in the dream – wait for backbiting, slander, gossip, but don’t pay attention to them. All are ground!

Esoteric dream book

Had plum – wait for frost, weather changes, cold. Also dream means discord in the relationship with a loved one, falling out of love. Eat the berries, cook them – the plans have to change due to weather changes. Dried plum dream to sadness, nostalgia. Taste of dried fruit reminiscent of childhood years, you’ll want to be in their places.

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