What a dream, in which play?

You can play not only in reality but also in dreams. Such a pleasant time in a dream does not always mean good.

To play

To see that play in my sleep

Home dream interpretation

Game in a dream suggests that you are very relaxed now and not take the situation seriously.

Star dream interpretation

Playing dream chess – get ready for what you will cleverly deceived. Also this dream warns about the difficulties, struggles and stress. If you played a musical instrument, rejoice. This dream says that you and your friends will be fine.

Women’s dream book

If you see yourself working with children, in real life you can not decide and find to their liking. Your old job has already tortured you, but to find a new one does not work.

Erotic dream book

To dream of children playing – to the happiness and luck in romantic relationships. Don’t miss this chance. Fate is favourable to you, your dreams will be fulfilled. Start making your plans to life, all will be well. The main thing – not to hesitate.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If you dream you saw yourself gambling, you are surrounded by people who want to deceive you. They are vile, sneaky and insidious. Beware of them. If during the game someone cheated in real life, you will find a complete failure. You’ll probably go on a huge risk, but it will not help. People will blame the failures only you.

If a girl sees that she had been cheated in a gambling game, her favorite will soon rip off decency. It will be disappointed, as this person would be unworthy of her love.

To see the cards in a dream – to be deceived. Type of studies is also of great importance. Dominoes – a fun and enjoyable stay, Billiards – trouble, checkers – for the upcoming pleasure. Dream dice is a dream-a warning. Do not try to speculate on something, otherwise will have to deal with the law.

Home dream interpretation

To play as a team – you and your friends shared goal. If you dream you are a spectator in the game, it shows your insecurities of your knowledge and abilities. If an adult man dreamed that he plays kids games he wants to avoid responsibility and to forget about worries and troubles.


If you were a kid, and it suggests that you are looking for your calling. It’s hard, but you don’t need to give up. If you are persistent and hard, luck will come and will not leave you.

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