What dream pike

The images that come to you in dreams are not always random. That means a pike in a dream?

a dream pike

To see a pike in a dream — what does it mean?

Erotic dream book

Had a dream that was fishing and caught a pike, you had an affair with an old acquaintance, who never paid any attention as a man. You’ll be amazed how much you fit each other.

A dream pike where you cook and eat, promises an intimate relationship with a man, power to the people, but in bed you will be surprised by his willingness to obey the partner. You can use this weakness to their advantage.

The newest dream book

The appearance of a pike in a dream is interpreted in different ways. If he saw a woman, so she soon learns that she is pregnant.

If pike saw in his sleep a man, he faces financial problems or he had an affair with a woman who will be unfaithful to him and will quickly go elsewhere.

A modern dream book

What dream pike – to material goods, wealth, money. If you dreamed that you caught a pike, but at the last moment the fish broke, is a good opportunity to earn will be right under your nose.

Are prepared pike – learn about good event. If you dreamed that you were treated pike and found in her a piece of jewelry for women this dream foretells a quick wedding with a loved one. Entertain guests with pike – you find it difficult to join a new team at work, although you exert all efforts for this.

Married dream interpretation

Pike is a good sign that promises a monetary profit, but to get it, will have to fight with competitors. To catch a pike fishing – offer the best and easy job.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

To catch a lot of fish in the catch to see a big pike – do you have any enemies, but they will not be able to cope with you. Someone visits with a dish of pike – this man is trying to outwit you. Had a pike that didn’t have scales, is an alarming sign that there are problems with health. How to overcome that challenge? Need to maintain presence of mind and believe that all bad things come to an end.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

This dream pike portends failures in undertakings. The implementation of your ideas should be postponed for some time. To see the magic pike from the tales – a bad sign, if it fulfills your desires, to realize dreams in reality will not be easy. Someone you know gave you this fish, you need to expect trouble from this person. To give someone a pike – this man waiting for failures at work. Lunch pike – learn the bad news, brush the pike – you have a chance to avoid trouble.

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