What does a dream in which you see the pigeons?

The image of the dove is a good symbol of love and fidelity. But some of the details of your dream can speak to the contrary. After all, the dove may bring bad news.

What dream doves

What dream doves

Women’s dream book

What have pigeons that COO, a young girl? For her it is a happy omen. She will be happy in family life. If you’re in a dream watching flying above with pigeons, all your problems will be successfully resolved. Even such a dream could mean receiving the long-awaited news from friends. Dead or dead pigeon unfortunately. If you dream you hunted doves, it is said about your hardness of heart, and the lowlands of your senses. You need to change for the better.

English dream interpretation

If you dream you heard the cry of a dove or pigeon, get ready, because death will take you to one of my friends. Troubling is a dream in which you see a wounded bird. It is also a warning about someone’s untimely demise.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Pigeon in a dream together with young Chicks – a good sign. Your family will find peace, you will live in peace, love and understanding. Children can’t hurt you, and your spouse will do everything to please you. If you dream you saw a dove drinking from a spring, then all your problems will be successfully resolved. Cheer up, currently everything is bad. Soon your day will come. If the dream house you breed pigeons, it suggests that you are worried about the welfare of their relatives.

A good interpretation has a dream about a dovecote. If in the dream you were in the loft, you will find a huge luck. You can easily win big money or a prize. A dove with a bleeding wound – the loss of a close friend. For a couple, this dream means a breakup or separation.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of a dove that sat on your shoulder, means the illness of loved ones. If the bird landed on the table, sick dreamer. If you saw a dove flew up and sat on the dome of the Church, think about God. He wants you to help and guide on the true path.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To see the dove in a dream – to disease. If it was a bird with white plumage, it speaks about God’s plan for you. If you see a pair of doves, you will be fine.

Old Russian dream book

If a married man caught a dove, he a daughter. If such a dream saw a boy in the near future, he will tie the knot. If a married woman dream that she had caught the hands of a dove, she has a boy. To kill a dove in a dream – a bad sign. You insult their loved ones or friends.

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