What dreams pig?

Pig, seen in a dream can portend richness or deceit, gossip and winning profit. Interpretation what dream of a pig, often are negative because the animal is considered unpleasant, dirty, not a matter of respect.

What dreams pig

What dreams pig

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

The dream interpretation of Aesop, pig, smeared with dirt, dream for gossip, lying in a pile of mud – to the bad cases, which have to participate, even if you don’t want. When you dream of a pig that is in the yard with the pigs, who are not afraid of anything – in front of rudeness and arrogance from a person who seeks to bypass rivals in business.

A dream about a pig that unearths the roots of the trees, somebody will spoil the business for their lack of professionalism, will bring a lot of trouble. To feed a pig from expensive dinnerware is a waste of money, bitter disappointments; to see her in the house, in his favorite spot – deception, quarrels with friends or relatives, separation from loved ones. Pig in crown – sign of conflict at work, which will have to change the place of service.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Dream interpretation of Freud explains, what have pigs, dirty animal – is not enough trust between people, attention, care, tenderness, all ideas about how to develop a relationship do not match reality. To ride a pig – with interest and a new way to spend time, but to stay a mixed opinion about the situation.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

Dreaming about pigs is a harbinger of future trials.

Veles dream book

Pig dream big revenue, important guests, but dirty – to failure, to dismiss someone the false rumors, to see a pig in the house – the disease will pass by. Pig with piglets – income, to fill her on meat – the implementation of desires of the dead – the problem is pork – to the disease.

Ukrainian dream book

What dreams pig alive? Pig with piglets – the guests, if they come out of the gate to the street – gossip from the family that includes slander and lies come from the outside. Black pig – enemies, a lot of adult pigs – theft.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dreams of pigs connects with deception, theft, false slander. The pig digs in the ground – meeting with the greedy man to touch her – to flatter someone, to cut – for a serious conflict at work, to eat pork – a journey. To see a pig – wait for inheritance from the miserly person, which will have to take care of.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Dream about big pig reflects a lazy dreamer, desire a lot and eat well. In dream of the witch Medea pig – image of the friend to whom no respect for the animal at the trough, as a symbol of neatness, in a puddle to wait for family problems.

The downers to the question of what dreaming big pig, say it’s a sign of success and income, if the pig runs – it is necessary to show attention and temporarily not to share plans for the future even with my family. Feed the pig – rich future, to see the wild – the harm of the envious, the barn – a big conflict at home, or you want to cheat, put the blame on you blame. Pig blood – the acquisition of authority by running away, to avoid problems, dead to the ailments, to dismantle the carcass – the ability to distribute income to plan the case.

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