What dreams Piglet

Pig, as the pig is the personification of such qualities as stupidity, arrogance, care, a bad name. But there are positive values of this image – fertility, wealth.

what dreams Piglet

What dreams Piglet

Vedic dream interpretation

What dreams pig, as well as adult pigs, – so it is the duality of situations. Success will not be devoid of troubles may not come the first time, and the evil enemies will be punished by the opposition of the friends of the dreamer.

Pigs that go for the sow – a symbol of the arrogant person. It is difficult to negotiate, communicating according to the laws of politeness.

Gypsy dream book

A dream in which he saw a pig, promises a fair wind in financial Affairs.

To see the birth of a pig – to a small house chores or emergency pregnancy some of the women in the family.

Cutting piglets, the pig – for a person who sells meat, it promises a profit. For women a lot of pig’s blood – a sign of the imminent onset of the critical days.» For the husband, the aggravation of the disease, elevated temperature.

Small dream book of Veles

A pig can dream to an upcoming feast with lots of alcohol. Wealth and success will accompany the dreamer in reality.

Also this pet can be the epitome of stupid rumors. From the yard running small and large pigs – is not a dreamer in reality to gossip. The courtyard – to the bad rumors, who dreams of pigs.

Eat pork – to ailments. To see a dead animal – to the troubles, losses. To kill – to fulfill his plans. Sow with piglets – to a lucrative business.

Russian folk dream interpretation

Had a pig – wait for good luck in material Affairs. But in communicating to hope for something good not have to. Pig in the mud – to unpleasant conversations by word of mouth. Pigs and pig – to human stupidity and unjustified arrogance, ostentation. Such an unpleasant person may be the head (the pig is in the crown) or one (in the chair).

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

Dream interpretation explains the way of a pig as the need to redefine the relationship with your loved one. Perhaps the dreamer expects a single expression of feelings, and the partner offers another. This does not mean that he does not like. Just each person experiences love in their own way.

To be on top of the pig to unusual adventures, where the feeling of satisfaction is mixed with shame.

Dirty pig needs the purity of love. Maybe the relationship with the beloved (beloved) it is time to transfer to a new level, often to go out together and develop common interests, not just sex.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Pig – as the embodiment of wealth and profit growth (especially with pigs) and a nasty conversations around the person of the dreamer. No matter how evolved the circumstances, you need to be prepared for what life will offer the opportunity to improve the financial situation. But everything has its price. In this case, gossip, human jealousy and narrow-mindedness.

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