What dream phone?

Women’s dream book

The achievements of scientific and technological progress is an important part of reality, but quite often they begin to appear in dreams. The person as being irrational, seeks to find the interpretation of the new symbols. Dream phone is an important sign, but to interpret such a dream is completely different ways.

Dream phone

Had a phone

Dream Meridian

In this dream, you can find several answers to the question, what dreams broken phone. In real life this unit is used for telephone communication between two people, in the dream it symbolizes a connection, but not straight, but on the spiritual, professional, or intuitive level.

So broken phone – a nasty omen. If you dream that the phone falls and breaks when you try to contact a certain person, therefore, will have difficulty in your relationship with God, quarrels, misunderstandings. To dream of yourself smashing the phone against the wall or pavement means that people are tired of the relationship that wants to break off a painful relationship.

Women’s dream book

This dream has its own interpretation of the reasons, why dream about a new phone or old. If a woman sees herself talking on the phone, she could be sure of her person began to talk to people: colleagues or friends. This is necessary, first, to look at their surroundings, and secondly, change the system of relationships, thirdly, to try to give less cause for gossip.

Another important interpretation of this dream about the phone – it’s a love connection. Dreaming, talking in tender, gentle tones – a symbol of the fact that in the life of a dreamer is not enough intimacy and emotional warmth, the subconscious mind speaks in dreams what dreams.

Another interpretation – the connection with the person who is at a great distance, but it does. And it is important to determine the nature of the conversation – positive or negative feel about the conversation. In the first case it is a signal that you need to contact an old friend or to talk to the parents. The second option is the certificate of the subconscious human desire to get rid of the negative influence of someone else.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This interpreter of dreams provides those answers, what a dream phone. Call and call is a good sign, means an ambulance pleasant meeting with a friend, girlfriend, old friend or a new pleasant acquaintance.

If a phone call in a dream does not work, and the answer comes by Fax – the future of business will be to progress with the work, paperwork, and trouble. Had a dream to send messages – a good sign, a sign that the person will be able to navigate the situation and find possible solutions to the problem.

Important: if the conversation occurs over the telephone, you should expect to meet people who are not very sincere towards the person who saw such a dream.

The Dream Miller

According to the interpreter of this dream, the phone is perceived in a negative way. If a woman sees a camera, we should expect gossip from the envious, but she will be able to overcome the symptoms of envy, and to find a common language.

To see the phone but not hear the interlocutor, it is also not a good sign, an indication of the loss of a close friend, separation from loved ones, loss of relationship with someone from colleagues.

The phone is a symbol of the connection between those who dream of him, and the other person. Also the phone acts as the object that connects two or more people, special relationships, or shows that people have difficulties in communication. The phone is in this sense a symbol of the obstacles, obstacles in the relationship that need to be overcome!

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