Dream pepper dreams

Spicy or sweet? Red or black? Pepper in the dream, not just a spicy seasoning. What dreams pepper? Looking for clues in the most famous dream books.

What dreams pepper

What dreams pepper

Family dream book

To dream of red peppers on the bushes – to find a loyal and loving companion.

Saw connection or a bundle of dried peppers – you will have to defend their opinion.

Scattered pepper – to disputes, quarrels and strife.

Grinding pepper in mill – warning: you want to cheat!

Burned hot pepper – you talk too much, keep secrets secret.

Alphabet of dreams

To put pepper in your sleep, you will find a nasty conversation with a man who would interrupt and not listen to you.

See on the windowsill are growing in the pot bitter pepper – you could face dismissal or loss of valuable things for you.

Cook a spicy dish, generously seasoning it with pepper, – do not hurry, your impatience in reality prevents the implementation of plans.

Annealing a sharp pepper the language – you will meet a man whose callous heart can melt with love.

To cook or to drink a tincture on the pepper – you need to be more assertive in implementing their plans.

Capsicum plaster dream to family conflicts that will arise because of your incontinence and irritable.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of pepper – to minor troubles. If in your dream the pepper was red, you may have problems because of incontinence; black symbolizes sadness, despair, someone’s excessive interference.

Dream Interpretation Winter

Red pepper dream to quarrels, it symbolizes irritability. Black says the offense repressed, painful experiences.

Add to food spicy seasoning – the cause of your problems will be your irritability, sharpness. Try to restrain negative emotions in order not to exacerbate the conflict.

Dreamt sweet peppers with juicy, large fruits? You are waiting for happy events, your plans are successfully implemented.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Pepper: the dream sees as a symbol of severity, novelty, strangeness in the relationship. Perhaps your senses are slightly dulled – is not it time to add «flavor» of your novel?

The girl in the dream, having added in dish black pepper, should be attentive to his choice: he is capable of cheating.

Culinary dream book

If you dream you burned a sharp pepper, perhaps you are tired of the excessive heat of your partner. Brushing aside persistent courtship, you run into a misunderstanding on his part and provoke a serious quarrel.

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