What do the people in the dream

What can dream people or person?

People sleep

People sleep

Dream Meridian

The people in the dream could symbolize your surroundings in real life. Friendly alien society is a reflection of the collective relations at work or in another permanent society. The person with a neutral position during sleep talking about the presence of differences in life with friends and loved ones.

To go against the crowd to have a lot of difficulties and obstacles on the way to achieving this goal. If you had a fussy crowd, then you have to be willing to spend a lot of time for the solution of everyday problems and troubles.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse says that to dream of people with a beard means that you have a lot of rage and anger. The crowd goes against you, indicates threatening slander. Generous people dream to receive assistance.

The unfamiliar drink and smoke people – the mother, income of profit. To dream of gay people means to have good health and sad to be indifferent to others misfortune.

Small dream book of Veles

A crowd of people in the dream points to a fear in real life. Gay people are sleep – sad condition, countrymen – good luck and happiness, people in the age – a sign of longevity and prosperity. Sad the crowd – a sign of a bellicose relations, conflicts. Depletes the body – hunger and poverty, naked – gossip, intrigues. People in chains talking about a possible threat to the lives of friends and loved ones. The person dressed in black dream on the eve of bad news.

Ukrainian dream book interprets the dream with gay people as a sign of sorrow. Rural people – the image of happiness and entrepreneurship. Elderly people indicate longevity. Sad people have to conflict and clashes, are bound in handcuffs – to the imminent danger that threatens the family and friends.

Dream interpretation of Simon the zealot the Apostle meant by bearded men in a dream anger and emotional impetuosity. Generous people dream to obtain relief. Happy – well-being and wealth that they are in a sitting position – the nice things in life, fun crowd – good health. A large crowd of people is in the dream a sign of his own humility and lack of independence.

Italian dream book treats a person of another nationality, people of different origins as a symbol of the presence of healthy instincts, which can be regarded as a danger and threat.

Dream interpretation psychoanalysis

He says that the crowd is an expression of the relationship of the individual to the social masses. If a person passes through a crowd, in real life he does not share public opinion and norms. This dream can indicate the presence of preconditions to public protest.

Symbolic dream interpretation sees the person in the dream as a manifestation of a feeling or emotion. It can also be a dominant trait, attitude. The crowd is associated in this case with the loss of its own identity and uniqueness. A dream in which the dreamer is in a queue behind something that would indicate stagnation in some important cases.

A man in a dream of the opposite sex indicates the status and well-being. To interpret this dream must, starting from the character and mood of the seen. People exotic and unusual appearance in the dream indicates sexual orientation of an individual’s willingness for experimentation and new approaches to intimate life.

Flying body during sleep always reflect the state of consciousness of the individual, his moral and religious achievements, victories.

A modern dream book

Treats strangers in the dream as a sign of malevolence and extreme insensitivity of loved ones. A dream of this nature is to protect us from credulity and the tendency to rapid contact with strangers.

Many beautiful people come in a dream when the person is too indulgent towards others, oblivious to the hardships of life. This dream is to force a person to reflect on the sincerity and affection of others. Frequent dreams in which there is a lot of people talking about loneliness. Usually people with such dreams seeks to get rid of his own loneliness.

In dream interpretation Azar people are saying about the symptom of the loss of their own individuality and tendency to obedience.

The dream of Martin Sadecki explains the dream to people as a sign of fear and apprehension, adversity and loss. Wild, wild men come in sleep is a sign of trouble or disappearance in the future. But to speak with such people means to rejoice and reconcile with someone in real life.

In Chinese dream interpretation husband noble and revered indicates that sleeping managed to escape a great misfortune. People who bow down and worship, pointing toward a happy moment in life. To go somewhere with his partner in life – the approach of the unfortunate moment in the life.

In dream interpretation from A to z stranger in a dream may indicate threats and fears in real life. To dream the crowd is to abandon your own plan to achieve goals, to act on the instructions of the leadership, which is incompetent in these matters.

Nudity dream on the eve of the shame and public ridicule. Man with beard speaks on the identification of groundless rage, and the people dressed in black indicate bad news in the future.

In dream interpretation, Tarot the people in the dream indicate a dangerous target in real life while asleep.

In medieval dreams to control people, to dominate them means to have a serious conversation in real life. But the confusion of having people from the lower social strata.

Esoteric dream book interprets the appearance of the man in the dream as a sign of the future of collective conversation. Hectic people in dreams indicate a common trouble in the family or at work. Fun crowd, dreaming on the eve of a public event or party.

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