What have penguins

A positive interpretation of the dream, where there was the penguin promises free woman acquaintance very unusual person. If its non-standard appearance or ideals will not confuse you, the relationship will be durable, and offer hands and hearts will not keep you waiting. Married woman dream foretells impending pregnancy. A flock of penguins to a loss. The important choice is not to hurry. Life itself will push to the correct decision. Evil penguin – to the wicked man. But the serious trouble will not have to wait. The bird in the water – to the disappointment in the loved one. In a difficult moment will. To see them in the sea – you can safely listen to my intuition. Even the most unpredictable ideas can be translated.

what have penguins

What have penguins

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

What have the penguins – so it is to possible deterioration of weather, will have to wait for the cold weather. Sometimes this dream warns of trouble, others will sympathize.

Also this sea bird – a sign of real events that will surprise the dreamer.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Penguins dreaming – you need to prepare for the trip. It depends on the resolution of important business issues, but a positive result may not be.

Frequently, this cold-water bird – symbol of alienation, failure, and problems at work. They will provoke competitors.

Sleep from Saturday to Sunday will present an opportunity to improve their situation.

The American dream

As this sea bird looks awkward and funny and a dreamer in reality may look funny. Leaving home, you need to carefully consider their reflection in the mirror. If a cause for ridicule will be some expression or gesture, the dream advises from the heart to laugh at themselves. This is an excellent remedy as a star.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Penguin, according to dream interpretation, can become a symbol of high-ranking people. It will bring confidence and peace of mind the dreamer in real life.

Dream interpretation birthdays

Penguin dreaming to unusual gifts, news, and severe weather changes.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Accustomed to cold, the bird prepares the dreamer to a possible losing streak. In personal life can worsen the relationship with your loved one, it is not excluded exclusion, betrayal.

At work too, not everything will go smoothly. But the problems will end as quickly as it had begun. A really expensive people will stay nearby, and temporary professional Abraham will teach you how to take a punch and to plan alternatives.

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