What dreams pendant?

The pendant is a small ornament which can be just as decorative element and as a reminder of important and enjoyable events in life. Pendant certainly has its special significance. What dreams pendant? Know what they say about dreams.

Had a pendant, dream interpretation

Had a pendant, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation for lovers

If you dream you lost and can’t find decoration, beware of serious turmoil in my personal life. Your relationship is under threat!

If the dream gives you as a favorite pendant, this means you have to resolve all conflicts with your partner, otherwise you will inevitably be separated.

In a dream you can’t see too wide a chain in the eyelet of the pendant – expect a nasty surprise from her beloved. Perhaps you will be very disappointed with his behavior and will lose the rest.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of gold necklace – you lurk temptations. For girls such a dream could mean that her future partner will be a wealthy man.

You presented it as a gift decoration – so your fiance or fiancee faithful.

Lose the decoration – waking to find a close friend.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

Silver pendant in a dream – a symbol of the presence of intuition or even psychic abilities.

See a pendant with a picture of the virgin Mary – perhaps in your life right now has fallen on hard times, you need protection, assistance and moral support.

Pendant in the shape of a heart warns: your love overshadows you mind and you lost the ability to notice flaws in your man. Perhaps his feelings are genuine and he is only using you for personal gain. Such a crazy love can turn into bitter disappointment, and your heart will be broken.

Decoration with precious stones – a call to action: someone recently asked you about support and you must give him help. It is possible to solve the problem you can, after hearing the person and giving him valuable advice.

A modern dream book

According to dream interpretation, pendant fancy shape means that you will receive a valuable gift from your partner.

To loose pendant – to the disappointment of a friend.

Your favorite dress himself and button pendant on your neck – you will find a Frank discussion.

See the necklace with a beautiful stone – there is nothing to doubt on your wife, your suspicions of his infidelity are unfounded.

In the dream you give jewelry made of silver – a good sign: your innermost dreams will come true.

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