Had a pearl, dream interpretation

The wonderful gift of the sea pearl, not just a neat decoration that accentuates the beauty of women. He embodies purity and natural radiance; see also in the dream, he often promises good news. What dreams pearl? Open the all-knowing sleep.

What a dream pearl

What a dream pearl

Women’s dream book

If a girl dreams that the beloved gives her a pearl jewelry, then this dream promises a happy marriage with a wealthy man.

A dream in which you lose pearls, warns you of imminent failures and troubles. Negative changes will occur suddenly and unexpectedly for both you and your partner.

In the dream you are enchanted by the beauty of pearls – you will find a clean, sincere and mutual love.

Small dream book of Veles

Pearls: dream interpretation interpret as a symbol of tears. Had a pearl can symbolize a good introduction, and a quick separation. To get the pearl from the shell – to hunger, to bring a gift to the suspicion, if you give to the problems and grief, to scatter pearls – the pain of poverty.

Lost and can’t find your business successfully completed.

A lone jewel your partner.

The newest dream book

A woman who wants to become a mother, the pearls are seen to the imminent onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

To waste, to scatter, to sell – to tears, failures.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of pearls is a good sign. Such a dream promises joy, perhaps an heir.

Brothers pearl a handful of rich.

To try on jewelry – you don’t feel confident, then feel free.

Make a gift – to small troubles.

To give and strung on a string – failures in the developed business.

Lose the pearls to tears.

Family dream book

Finding the great pearl – to the favorable solution of a difficult situation.

To raise the pearl from the bottom of the pond – you will solve all the problems without assistance.

If you receive a gift of pearls, note the gives: it is possible, in reality this person is stopping you to bring your ideas to life.

Alphabet of dreams

Pearls in a dream – to success in business, financial stability.

Very large pearls – you will find true love.

Choice gives you a necklace of pearls – you are waiting for the joyous event, you will be distracted from their feelings.

To lose a ring, earrings or a pearl necklace that you are very expensive – you underestimate, you may feel in your family of unnecessary or incomprehensible.

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