Which means pear in a dream: dream interpretation

Products in the human sleep is a frequent phenomenon, because in reality without them there is no life. But for each of the products, fruits, vegetables, sweets or meat fixed its significance in horoscopes.

What dreams pear dream?

What dreams pear dream?

Summer dream

There is only a single fact: if a pear in a dream rotten, spoiled, that in the near future you should expect health problems.

Autumn dream interpretation

This Tlumach says nothing about the disease, but over-ripe, and spoiled fruits that appear in a dream, signaled that relations with some of his close friends have exhausted themselves. This friendship is getting too boring and doesn’t bring any of the parties happy.

Women’s dream book

Offers various options of interpretation, which means pear in a dream. It all depends on which fruit external characteristics, or what to do. Mature, fragrant, beautiful pears hanging on a tree – a symbol of the brilliant prospects for the person who sees such a dream. But eating pears tells about the sores, which will soon appear.

Dream, as is the harvest of pears – for good, after the failure of the person finally is waiting for a lucky streak. Harvesting pears for the winter, namely, drying of fruits – to boredom in the relationship, the freshness of love. Dried pear is treated exactly in many dream books.

Small dream book of Veles

The interpreter gives many different options, is quick to understand. The differences in the interpretations depend on the appearance of the fruit. Green Pear, immature – is it sadness, grief, anguish. Ripe – a symbol is twofold, may dream to joy, or to disease. There are pears, according to this commentator, is not a good sign, palette negative effects range from tears and a fight to the deadly disease.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

The writer in his dream of juicy pear, ripe, beautiful speaks in a positive sense. Its appearance in a dream is associated with profit and success.

People’s dreams

This dream the appearance of the fruit in the dream gives a special value. The hint that man should revise his attitude to life, perhaps it is not quite my place, or Vice versa, until they found themselves in the profession. Attempt to get a pear from the tree – a symbol of impatience, pay attention to your character because of the inability to wait sometimes very interfere in the Affairs.

Immature pear is the result of, but not quite the one expected. Tear pear in a dream in a garden – an attempt to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others.

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