What dreams peacock?

The peacock with a beautiful tail that appears in dreams can symbolize beauty, desire for beauty and the bright hopes of the person. This symbol can also mean arrogance, stupidity, vanity and arrogance. It all depends on where and in which state the bird is in a dream.

to dream of a peacock

What see a peacock in your dream?

Russian dream book

Peacock in a dream – a dual symbol. For example, if you dream of a beautiful, walk the bird, this means that in the future will appear bright hopes and dreams. Peacock, goes to the person or deliberately exposes splayed tail, could represent an arrogant and pompous person will soon have to deal with.

To feed this beautiful bird usually means that soon finally there is the approach to important and. And the peacock which opens the eyes of the sleeping own tail – a symbol that is not in vain expected to catch the person and so to be treated with suspicion.

Family dream book

Family plays a role and the night in which it is possible to dream of a peacock. If the bird appeared from Wednesday to Thursday, this symbol means fun, entertainment to the very end of the week. If the peacock dream the night before Monday, it is the imminent start of renovation. And you need to remember, as it is in visions emerged a peacock.

If he had dissolved the tail, in the cases of be careful, there may be minor troubles. For example, you can spill paint, drop a tile or ruin your weekend costumes. In General troubles are not dangerous but annoying.

Dream Interpretation Freud

To dream of the white peacock – a sign that the person is in life exaggerates its capabilities. First, physical. This is a subconscious manifestation of self-confidence, which often leads to getting into a different kind of life traps. Also a peacock in a dream – a sign that surrounding you expect from a man much greater than he can provide.

Gypsy dream book

The appearance of beautiful colorful surfactants – a sign of imminent wealth, popularity and fame. If the peacock spreads its tail in a dream, waiting for a significant improvement in life, career, respect and honour from the powers that be. Vision of a peacock with a beautiful tail means that soon there will be a good husband or wife.

Dream interpretation witches

Peacock is the desire to be above others. If you dream of a bird with tail dissolved, it is a sign that it is not necessary to delve into the pride, boast, and otherwise trying to raise themselves on friends or colleagues.

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