To see the parrot in the dream

If you had an exotic bird, try to explain the dream using dream interpretation. Parrot symbolizes hear idle talk, news. What kind of news alerts a dream, you know, remembering the details of what he saw.

What dreaming parrot dreams

What dreaming parrot dreams

Women’s dream book

Very bad luck to see a dead parrot. If the bird died, you may leave loyal friends. A young girl before the wedding to see parrot also is not good, her groom may be disappointed in the bride and her personality.

  • Parrot talking – the gossip;
  • To teach a parrot to talk is to invite trouble and trouble;
  • Silent – peace in the family.

Russian folk dream interpretation

A parrot in a dream can warn you that there is a talker who cannot be trusted with their secrets and spiritual experiences. If the bird is loud or says, perhaps you should be wary of a man who says a lot about you.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

Seeing a parrot in a dream, the first step is to look at their surroundings. Beautiful, bright bird symbolizes a person attracts attention, which can get you into trouble. Parrot is a symbol of folly, and a fool to fight hard. Fear of gossip, empty talk, do not trust too talkative people, who climb in your life. Here’s how the vision interprets this bird a parrot in a cage: dream interpretation – your a quiet life threatening envious that you will be able to expose. And if the parrot is flying around you, you will be hard to see the enemy in his environment.

  • Repeats your words – you care in relation to the accuser;
  • Screams disaster happens;
  • Parrots – it’s time to climb the corporate ladder;
  • Dead parrot – it is impossible to lower hands in the fight against ill-wishers.

Family dream book

If dreamt a parrot, you need not to talk about the welfare of his family, so as not to arouse the envy of evil people. If the parrot says loudly and clearly, try to remember what words he uttered, and interpret them, read dream interpretation. Wavy parrot: the dream symbolizes small slanderers and envious. If a small bird flies around the room, you let the enemy get too close.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

  • To see the parrot – for the hype;
  • Screaming envy;
  • Says the gossip;
  • Feed – to marry gossip girl.

The Dream Miller

Calm bird symbolizes peace in the family. Too chatty parrot gossip about you at the hearing at all others.

Also a parrot in a dream can dream a unnecessary fantasies and empty hopes from your side.

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