To see the deceased parents in a dream, dream interpretation

A dream books about parents interpret the vision very symbolic. Father and mother throughout life are associated with your child, so if you have parents, then your life is changing, you need help or advice. Dreams with their parents can warn of danger and to presage happy events. The interpretation of the dream depends on how you seen them and what role they played in your dream.

What dream parents dream, dream interpretation

What dream parents dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of parents and talking with them means to feel the support in the business. If they are smiling and healthy, you will succeed.

  • Losing your parents is to seek help from another person;
  • Sick parents in my sleep – grievances and troubles;
  • To see how the father dies, to inheritance;
  • To see the mother to the welfare of the family;
  • Stepmother – wait for an event that will leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

  • Both parents together is an important life changes;
  • To beat someone of the parents – difficult-to-solve problems;
  • Mother for a woman for marriage, new relationships;
  • Parents fun – all our plans succeed.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

To see parents in a wealthy house prosperous – in your life all will be well. If the dead parents in the dream come to you and criticize you participate in illegal or unfair deeds, you need to end, otherwise the consequences will be very bad. If parents come to you with conversations you have support.

Symbolic dream interpretation

If you saw my parents, then in your life there is something important you need help or advice. Will you have trouble or everything in life will work out, depending on what kind of dream about family. If kind and funny – everything will be fine, upset, sick, angry – wait for failures. Symbolic dreams about deceased parents says: they came to warn you of the danger.

A modern dream book

  • Fun parents – to the joy and friends;
  • In the parental home – trouble;
  • Parents die in the dream, the difficulties and unexpected turn in life;
  • Dressed in black – to disappointment;
  • Exhausted, suffering is a great misfortune in the family.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

If you have deceased parents in a dream, think of all in your life you are doing the right thing. When dream father need to pay attention to relationships in the family, perhaps from your rigid nature forced to suffer. And dreams in which the mother appears, talking about your anxiety concerns.

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