To jump with a parachute in a dream

To dream parachute – what could it be? Most often, such a dream means that you will take part in the risky project. Calculate every detail in order not to lose everything we have. And what about these dreams of popular interpreters?

A parachute in a dream, dream interpretation

A parachute in a dream, dream interpretation

The American dream

Disclosed over you dome promises an unexpected defender.

Dreams of love relationships

You think you know everything about the emotional side of love? But if you had to jump with a parachute in a dream, it is not. Soon will be the fateful meeting with the man who will reveal the new facets of erotic delights.

The newest dream book

To the dreamer parachute – warning of a possible prosecution.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Such a dream says: bluff, if it goes down, there is someone to catch you.

Summer dream

To fly under the dome of a parachute – to a pleasant, joyful surprise.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you believe this dream interpretation, parachute in the nightly slumber can be interpreted in two ways: either you are protected, or risky project will lead to disaster.

Oriental dream book

If you dream you saw an open dome, then set ourselves an impossible task. Should realistically assess their strength. Parachute suggests that relatives are very concerned about your love for adventure. If in a frightful dream that you made the jump, and the dome is not opened, it’s time to throw away all anxiety and doubt in the target. Success is not far off.

Dream Interpretation Maria Fedorov

To skydive, and sleep safely touch the ground means that your actions are correct. You all have provided.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Watch in my sleep for paratroopers during a mass show says that should be savings. Select a reliable Bank.

Make the jump and understand that the dome over you is not disclosed, – this dream warns of an accident with a fatal outcome. But you can escape from fate, refusing visits and gatherings.

If the landing was successful, so in reality your love will be mutual. To fall on the trees and not to reach the land of the hanging straps for branches in the business are waiting for minor troubles.

Slowly float over the sea, sinking to the lost island – to submit to anyone’s demands, disadvantageous for you.

Autumn dream interpretation

Becoming in the dream a parachutist to decide on a crazy adventure.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Such a dream warns of possible disease.

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