What dreams paper, dreams

Dream books paper often means the paperwork is done. But depending on what actions were committed to paper, the interpretation of the dream may be very different.

dream paper

What does it mean to dream paper

Summer dream

If a person saw in a dream a huge pile of closely written sheets of paper, so he will have a long the paperwork is done.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Sheets of white paper – a good sign. Your family will prevail happiness and joy, life will be calm and serene. To dream of paper, which severely crumpled, means trouble and misunderstandings at work. Write on a sheet of paper – to commit a reckless act. Subsequently, you will greatly regret it. If during sleep the person completely tore the paper into little pieces, he’ll break up with one of his friends. But it will be good, because this friend – a person is dishonest and likes to slander. Your environment will be respected for such an act.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream in which was a paper loss. If you dream you tore or burned it, so soon you will finish the begun business. Scrolls of parchment or paper to litigation. You need to pay attention, what color were the scrolls. White – your party will prevail on the other – the possible loss. Blotting paper is a serious warning. Soon you will try to ferret out valuable information that can seriously harm your loved ones. Be careful and think about what to say.

Spring dream interpretation

Sleep on a sheet of paper, which strongly rustles, speaks of the spreading evil rumors about you. If you dream you tore it, expect trouble. Bonding of sheets of paper in a dream – you will have to justify his actions.

English dream interpretation

If lovers saw in a dream a clean sheet of paper, then feelings second half sincere and sincere. Charged elaborate scrawl or contaminated paper – making. A sheet of paper, written in beautiful and clear handwriting, informs about the conclusion of an agreement that will benefit. Wrinkled paper – to the bitter disappointment, neatly folded – to implement your intentions.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dream in which you admired toilet paper, a sign of warning. You can become a victim of fraud. Some detractors prepares you bandwagon. Stay away from strangers and do not say more. Try not to talk about personal secrets, interesting ears you can use this information against you.

If you had a few rolls of toilet paper, you need to end the relationship with an annoying person from your environment. Use in dream toilet paper for its intended purpose (to wipe) is a good sign. It promises happiness, gifts, success and joyful events. Buying toilet paper says about what you do not know how to say «no». Learn to be flatly and resolutely refuse unnecessary sentences.

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