What have pancakes, dream interpretation

If people saw that he was making pancakes in the dream, he will want to know the interpretation. You need to remember a dream in detail, as it gives a clue.

Pancakes in my sleep

What does it mean to dream of pancakes

Combined dream book

Bake pancakes in a dream in the pan – a good sign (windfall entertainment, the emergence of money). If you dream you are eating pancakes with cheese, be prepared for the loss and deception.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

The invitation to pancakes means that your family life will be happy, it will be characterized by abundance, prosperity and harmony. If the pancakes were burnt bad sign that speaks about the forthcoming family quarrels, troubles, or even separation. If a woman ate pancakes in her dreams filling her need to be alert. Detractors and evil people cook her a trick or a nasty surprise.

A dream in which you eat pancakes, but couldn’t swallow indicates your sins. So you brought someone pain, inflicted pain on her or acted ugly. You need to make amends. If in the dream the pancakes fell on the floor, you are waiting for unexpected large expenses. If you knead the dough and bake the pancakes in a dream, with the aim to invite a guest, be prepared that for a long time your life will be boring and uninteresting.

Slavic dream book

If you dream you bought the pancakes, be prepared that you will meet new people. Eat pancakes – loss.

English dream interpretation

If love a girl or a boy eating in a dream pancakes, they can prepare for marriage. This dream promises happiness, the expectations, the coming solemn event. Lovers can be sure that their other half – decent, loving and hardworking man. A dream in which a woman baked pancakes, but couldn’t turn, means that in the near future it expect trouble and failure. You need to be prepared for their sudden appearance and successfully overcome them.

Dream Interpretation Longo

If you were making pancakes in my sleep, in preparation for the holiday, the success will accompany your case, since you put a lot of effort and diligence.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you only saw the pancakes in the dream, be ready to email, message, or unpleasant events. If you eat cooked pancakes, rejoice: you will be lucky. If you cook pancakes, look at yourself. Perhaps you are saving up to avarice, and you have to be more generous.

Esoteric dream book

If you think that this dream will bring you joy, find evidence of this by opening the esoteric dream book. In this pancakes is a good sign. If you’re in a dream and helped them with cooking, wait for the guests. If you ate them, you will find a pleasant meeting or celebration.

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