What does it mean to dream of pain

Those people who felt and saw the pain, scared to know the significance of such dreams. But interpretation can be different and in most cases promises pleasant.

The pain in the dream

What does a dream about pain

English dream interpretation

Severe pain in a dream – a sign of great benefits. People who are engaged in trade, such a dream at hand: the price of their product will quickly rise, and their profits will increase dramatically. The lovers, having experienced the pain, rejoice: all their dreams will come true in real life.

Islamic dream interpretation

To dream of pain in the lower back – a bad sign. The dreamer will suffer losses. If in the dream you have a toothache, get ready for a severe reprimand and barbs by a close relative. If sore fingers – waiting for trouble with the kids. But sometimes pain can mean a good sign: a stomach ache, the family will be healthy, sore foot waiting for the wealth.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If the person in the dream is in pain and can’t tell the place of its localization, so he exaggerates the trouble and happen too exaggerating. It’s not so bad as it seems at first glance. If a man feels or sees the pain in the stomach, he needs to become more moderate and sober, learning when to stop. Otherwise he’ll be in big trouble.

Ukrainian dream book

If the dreamer saw in a dream close your eyes – ill relatives. Earache – heavy news and bad news. Leg pain – all the plans and hopes.

Combined dream book

Feeling in the dream, the discomfort, the person should open a combined dream: pain in a dream – a sign of the coming of grief, of trouble or illness. If you dream you saw a man suffering from pain, think about their actions. You need to be more careful not to hurt others with your sharp words or thoughtless actions.

The Dream Miller

Seeing the pain, you need to be prepared for a great misfortune. Often this means a long illness. If other people suffering, it is a warning about possible errors.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you feel or see the pain, prepare for misfortune or trouble. Headache – care and vanity, sore throat – upset one, pain in the joints – failure in the developed business.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If people saw the pain, that’s good. The body functions perfectly. A toothache – the relationship with loved ones will become more strong and friendly.

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