Had a white owl, dream interpretation

Owl – symbol of wisdom. When sleeping dream about an owl, it says that he is looking for a wise decision, the answers to these questions, and also a way out of the situation. To see an owl on your shoulder or next to another person means that you have a patron, who can give good advice.

What dreams owl dream interpretation

What dreams owl dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

In dream interpretation the owl is the harbinger of death, so you need to pay more attention to their health. Also, this night bird can be a warning that you creating a slander by others.

Russian folk dream interpretation

This interpreter interprets the vision with owl as the approach of smart but evil man. If the bird is attacking, so you have a large enemy that may not manifest itself, but will prevent the execution of the plan. Download the owl to the Board. Owl in the cage – you will not be able to implement their plans.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

Owl in a dream foretells the emergence of life is intelligent, crafty, wicked man who intended evil against you. But another value can have a sleep, if the owl is eating with your hands. In this case, you secured the patronage of the intelligent and influential man.

  • The hooting of an owl to be unhappy;
  • Attacks you – the machinations of the enemy;
  • Attack the little bird or beast, you are waiting for help;
  • Owl without feathers – you will make a lot of rash actions (depending on the number of lost feathers);
  • An owl flies around the house – trouble threatens the people who are close.

Dream book of white magician Yuri Longo

If in the dream came an owl, you’re afraid of something, waiting for the blow. A dream in which the sleeper kills the bird, says that he chose the wrong path and will only worsen the situation. Positive news can bring a bird with white feathers. To dream about a white owl say that such a dream could Herald a nice date or meeting with people who are friendly to you.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • To see an owl – a meeting, a date;
  • Owl sitting on hand – to losses, fires, loss of property;
  • White owl is a very pleasant meeting;
  • The owls scream to learn about the misfortune of others.

Family dream book

  • Owl on the branch to obtain the necessary and wise advice;
  • Flying past – someone is waiting for help from you;
  • Caught a mouse – you will not be able to keep his secret.

If the owl talks in a human voice, it is important to remember what she says. The dreams in which there is this bird, as a rule, are prophetic, and if it does, then you should have this information and use it in the right order. Especially take seriously the words that are said white owl in my dream.

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