Dream interpretation: dream oven

Oven – a symbol of hearth and home and prosperity. The dreams in which appears a Russian stove, oven or stovetop, symbolize about what is happening in the home and family. In addition, such dreams can say about the attitude of the people around you in.

What dream oven in the dream

What dream oven in the dream

Women’s dream book

To melt or to see a burning oven in a dream with the glow of the fire foretells to a woman a great success. The red-hot stove says that you are loved by others.

  • Chilled oven – complicated, convoluted family relationships;
  • To prepare for the furnace of trouble;
  • Broken oven – problems with children, illness.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

  • To see the oven in a dream – the welfare and happiness of the family;
  • Kindle fire – passionate relationship;
  • Cold oven – the loneliness, the separation from loved ones.

Erotic dream book

Oven foretells a meeting with a man who will leave a mark in your life. If the fire in the stove would be brightly shining, it means the relationship will be passionate, a novel rapid. If the oven has cooled down or you won’t be able to melt, you will not feel love for this man.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • To cook on the stove or oven – you will spend a lot of energy on the implementation of the plan, but will not be able to achieve the goal;
  • Meals in the oven, will have the opportunity to relax with friends and family;
  • Setter adds oven – to the chagrin;
  • Bask in the oven – long road, away from loved ones.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

  • Hot oven – respect;
  • To dream of a furnace without fire – losses;
  • Beautiful oven – best offer;
  • Bake bread, to manage the fate;
  • Watch as bread is a big event.

Esoteric dream book

If you saw in a dream how to work a stove, you may have started a business in which you need help. A dream in which you put the oven yourself, indicates your incompetence in a new project or idea that started you not.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

  • The merry crackle of logs in the stove – you have a great relationship with loved ones, you love and appreciate;
  • After hardening – take care of loved ones, they need your help;
  • Dirty or destroyed, it will be the turn of quarrels and conflicts, hold emotions and show restraint;
  • To heat the oven in a dream – you are trying to smooth over the quarrel between close friends;
  • The extinct fire in the oven – you do not show proper attention to started a business or project, you need to apply more effort.

The Dream Miller

Dreams in which the sleeping person sees a furnace or stove, especially important for women. They reflect their mental and physical state. Heated hot oven tells about the welfare of the family – you have nothing to worry about, love you husband, children, close relatives. Cook in the stove – there will come disappointment and a number of minor problems. Scalding on the stove in a dream – cheating husband or loved one.

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