What have orchids?

Beautiful exotic flower was present in your dream? And now you want to know of dream interpretation, which means Orchid? We know the answer to your questions.

what dream Orchid

What dream Orchid

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The basic interpretation of the presence of orchids in dreams – changes. A particular value will vary depending on the other details of the dream.

If you are breeding orchids, carefully cultivating it, to make the right choices in life, you need to calmly reflect on everything. But if you dream that you plucked this flower, soon you will be happy and achieve their dreams.

Dream interpretation believes that if you dream Orchid, luxuriously blooming in the pot, then all that you would not have started, will be completed with great success. If you dream you broke off the whole branch with flowers, then you will find family happiness, life success and well-being. Unmarried girl this dream – will soon appear wealthy suitor.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Orchid symbolizes something rare, uncommon, what you have to face.

The modern interpreter

The Orchid for a gift to buy – to be unsure of your financial situation, or you Mature some changes. Grow orchids in dream, in life you become more thoughtful and not quick decisions.

If the girl will dream of blooming Orchid, it will finally propose. The scent of orchids dream plans.

Online dream book

In a dream he saw the Orchid – get ready for fast changes in life. Themselves grow those flowers will become calmer. Picking flowers – you will receive what you dreamed of. Broken your branch with flowers orchids promises you the fulfillment of the most secret intentions. And if that dream of the girl, she will be married and will be loved by my husband.

Wealth, luxury look and well – being- the symbol of this is the Orchid.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To win, going on at the same risk – that’s what dream orchids.

Dream Interpretation Avdeevoj

Blooming orchids dream of the loving happiness you planted plants – the loss of a partner. To disrupt the Orchid to marry, to smell her – a small but pleasant adventure awaits you.

Dry Orchid in the book of dreams sees business problems. If you put orchids in a vase – wait for the onset of new romantic relationships. If orchids were white – your love will be strong.

Withered orchids to see, to be alone. Orchids to give to vain hopes, if received as a gift – the vain expectation of the return of the partner.

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