Had oranges dream interpretation

Citrus dream is not considered a good sign. Different dream books interpret the oranges as a symbol of anxiety, of future disappointments, health problems or difficulties on the love front. The great value has the General atmosphere of the dream and its details.

What have oranges

What have oranges

English dream interpretation

Orange fruit – a bad sign. They portend deterioration of health, quarrels and disappointments.

If the dream was before marriage, the marriage will fail. If you are in a relationship between you and your spouse possible cooling, the appearance of indifference and separation.

If you are engaged in the manufacturing, oranges portend you a bad deal or bankruptcy. For farmers it is a sign of a poor harvest.

A modern dream book

Is orange fruit – to a nice lead, luck, luck.

To dream of citrus, but refuse to eat them for some reason – you risk missing out on a profitable opportunity because of unfounded fears.

Oriental dream book

Oranges during sleep, grow beautiful trees with spreading crown, to good luck and financial prosperity.

If a young lady sees a single orange fruit hanging on the branch, she should be careful when choosing the second half.

Eating citrus fruits in a dream – to the sorrows and sorrows. They can be related to health, financial situation or love relationship. If such a dream sees a young woman, she faces separation from loved ones.

Women’s dream book

If you dream you were in the hands of large and juicy fruit, you will be hard parting with the second half.

The answer to the question, what have oranges hanging on a tree, – the need to make a choice among the fans. Don’t wait for Prince: he’s not coming.

Culinary dream book

If you dream that you tear the orange fruit from the branches, you will have an unforgettable love affair.

To drink juice of oranges to a life without financial worries.

Citrus, Packed in boxes, – slow growing earnings.

Love dream interpretation

Is orange fruit – to a cooling of relations with the beloved. You are waiting for quarrels or even separation.

To dream of oranges hanging on the tree, and the second half will make you worry.

Very ripe citrus fruits for the fulfillment of desires. Will come true your wildest dreams.

To buy or to peel oranges – a good omen for love Affairs. Your feelings are mutual and ardent, carnal pleasures – unforgettable.

Sell citrus – up to new acquaintances.

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