Symbolizing the cliff in a dream?

A dream in which you see a cliff, a very symbolic. Such a dream could mean a crisis, the need to risk or the completion of a certain stage in life. What dreams open? A clue to look for in a reputable dream books.

Open during sleep

What is seen a cliff in a dream?

Esoteric dream book

To see myself standing on a cliff, you expect hard things. The path to the goal will require overcoming yourself, you will have to act on the verge of possibilities.

Climb up the hill – you will have a dangerous business, mobilize your resources and focus.

Fall down – in reality it is likely to take a wrong decision. Weigh each step, will not prevent the help of wise advisers.

The Interpreter Of Filomena

Open during sleep, a warning: the plans will be broken, will have to find another path to your goal. Analyze the circumstances of the dream, perhaps they will tell you the optimum output.

To fall off a cliff in a dream – your initiatives will not be successful. This dream portends trouble: deterioration of the financial situation, family strife, health problems.

If you’re trying to jump a chasm fall, you are spending your strength in vain. If you manage to overcome failure, you will achieve your goal, your problems will be successfully resolved.

Walking on the edge – are you ready to take the risk. Soberly weigh all the «pros» and «cons» and try not to overestimate their capabilities.

Look around the edge of the cliff – you will have hard times. The deeper the gap, the more serious the tests may be met on the way. Gather, all the troubles end.

A modern dream book

Open: dream interpretation interpret as a symbol of danger. See yourself falling – you are waiting for financial problems. Look down and feel dizzy – waking you absorbed depression. Go around the cliff – you will be able to avoid serious danger.

If in your dream you see that falling off a cliff stones may in reality someone of your relatives need help and support.

Alphabet of dreams

To see the bottomless pit – a bad sign: you will find a misfortune, to prevent which you can not.

Someone pushes it off a cliff, enlist the support of friends, alone you can not cope with the impending difficulties.

Fall, but then take off and fly over the precipice – prove the previously initiated the case to its logical end, despite the difficulties. Such a dream means elevation of spiritual and physical strength in reality.

Erotic dream book

If you see yourself standing on a cliff, you may expect a serious conflict with your partner. Cause of discord in the relationship will be jealousy: think not given your behavior is grounds for suspicion?

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