What in the dream see it oil?

To dream of oil can be not very often. What this symbol means? It all depends on what happens to him.

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What does a dream about oil?

The newest dream book

To dream of oil wealth means imminent. You may receive inheritance. Or your own actions will lead to a great income.

A modern dream book

Burning oil predicts that soon you friends will be very influential man. There is a high probability that it will get you very close.

Oil on the clothing says that you are crystal clear. If you in my life being accused of something, do not worry, everything cleared up and arranged as necessary.

Frozen oil shows your callousness and inability to show feelings.

If you produce oil, you have a very good health.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Oil says that your business will slowly but surely go downhill. Good luck to you smiling.

To dream of oil – a reminder that it is time to think about the restoration of used resources.

The Interpreter Morozova

If the person sells the oil, his novel will end badly.

If a woman does it, the beloved will soon disappoint her, but it will be difficult to get rid of.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Smeared with oil – soon you will reach the object of his passion, but it will cost you. Most likely, focusing on matters of the heart, you will miss a lot of profitable cases and business opportunities.

Oil spurting from the earth, you will meet a new person. It will quickly capture your heart, will conquer its originality and all-round development. It is likely that you will be bound to its further life.

To communicate with the oil – disappointment in the object of his love.

Universal dream

What dream oil in the dream, it can have several meanings. On the one hand, this image says about wealth and all that it involves. On the other is dirt and negative emotions, loss.

Gypsy interpreter

A lot of oil speaks about the big income.

The oil industry – revenues will be permanent.

Spilled oil material instability.

Esoteric dream book

Smeared with oil and you make plans based on incorrect information and beliefs. If you do not accept urgent measures, the losses and failures is provided.

Spilled oil – front black stripe. If it happened at sea, you will pay for past deeds and mistakes.

Gusher portends something catastrophic that can threaten you in the near future.

Oil rig – do not stop there. You may well be better and achieve more.

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