To see the Cabinet in my dream

To dream of the office – to see your business, promotion or demotion, relations with colleagues and superiors, as well as health, if we are talking about a medical office. To understand what having a Cabinet, pay attention to what was happening in it and how comfortable you were there.

Dream office

Dream office

Study in a dream

It in symbolic form shows the state of Affairs at the moment. If you can’t find the right document, things randomly, things go wrong. For promiscuity, confusion, you not only work to accomplish things, but can and do lose their job. You need to focus on the details and restore order.

Paperwork, to throw out of office all the excess and sweep it is an auspicious sign that will help you to establish not only the activities but also the relationship with the authorities.

To drink office coffee at the table – a good sign. Your case will go quietly, much trouble is not expected in the near future. Sometimes this dream foretells an invitation to a picnic or corporate event.

If you dream that someone throws you out of his office and says it’s his place, and – wait for personnel changes at work, increasing or, conversely, the release. To be in the office and in the office – boring duties.

See the office of the chief in a dream

One of the most unpleasant dreams. Usually do not Bode well, especially if things go wrong or the dreamer knows about his big misses and mistakes. This dream can mean a promotion, a serious conversation with the chief and the liberation, a lot of trouble.

Not found in the chief’s office or to see a new face – to reshuffle or an unexpected increase of the employee that you saw at the scene of the superiors. If there was a stranger, a boss can show itself in an unexpected way, or instead people will work outside your organization. Coincidence sometimes in the dream are very accurate. Man can see his friend, which is similar to the new chief, seen in a dream, or a completely new person.

If the boss calls you on the carpet, wait for a great and possibly unpleasant conversation in reality.

Medical office

To see the Cabinet in my dream in the medical establishment – to health problems. Dental office implies losses, emotional pain, or a painful but necessary change.

Gynecological office dream before exacerbations of women’s diseases, pregnancy or abortion. Sometimes it means forced entry into your life evil will.

Surgery portends loss and troubles. Other medical offices having to minor changes. They draw attention to the correction of errors in different spheres of life (optometrist – you need to broaden your horizons, change attitudes, ENT – watch your words and do not believe false rumors, etc.).

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