What prevents resentment in the dream?

Often our dreams are filled with emotions, both good and bad. In this article, our dreams will tell you, that could mean the offense experienced in the dream.

resentment in the dream

What does the offense in your sleep?

Oriental dream book

If a young girl had a dream in which appeared an insult, it is a sign of compassion in real life.

Family Expositor

In the dream you were offended, then experience a feeling of dissatisfaction in relation to yourself, if you were the offender, then you will long to go to reach your goals, encountering difficulties in their path. The woman had a grudge – sorry about their decisions. Else to be hurt in a dream is sometimes a sign of grief.

English dream interpretation

I dreamt that have offended someone – expect a serious explanation of the relationship with their partner. To prevent this, you should be more restrained in his words. Sleep, where in addition to the grievances mentioned a desire for revenge, warns about the likelihood of problems because of your temper.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Resentment in the dream girl says that she is not honest with a man who is in love with her, and she will suffer.

Dreams of love relationships

If you offended in a dream, the life in your intimate relations will begin a string of bad luck, but if the offense done to you that soon you will have pleasant experience.

The Dream Miller

To be insulted in a dream – be careful and think about your actions, or will blame themselves for their actions. Hurt yourself someone for your purpose will have to fight.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This dream book interprets the insult in the literal sense – in life, too, will be a fight.

If in the dream you are the abuser, then get ready for the difficulties on the way to implementing their plans. They also experience a feeling of resentment – experience memories filled with regrets.

Interpreter Of Freud

This dream finds that the offense caused by you projecting your suspicions about the loyalty of your partner. As if in a dream offended by you, you really think that someone will see your not the usual intimate preferences.

The dream dictionary from A to z

In the dream you feel that someone knowingly caused you offense – you tend to blame others for their failures, if you made was true, but still you hurt because of your stubbornness you will lose the location of a loved one. If the offense was caused by you accidentally, you realized it and apologized, you have the chance to climb the corporate ladder, and if I offended you man, come strip problems both at home and at work.

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