To dream of oak – dream interpretation

Oak stands for reliability, stability, strength of family and friendships. Dubovyi Hai indicates the presence in your immediate neighborhood of people, always ready to help and support you in all your endeavors. Dream oaks is a good sign if the tree is not broken.



Dream Interpretation Filomena

A powerful green oak promises good health and long happy life. However, if the tree is broken or dead, then your current desires and plans impossible. Broken oak heralds are sometimes unpleasant and unexpected news.

Oak studded with acorns, promises wealth and prosperity. Young trees, planted you, has promised new high paying job or open a business that will bring you a considerable profit.

Rest in sleep under the oak tree or on its branches warns you that soon you will need the support of one or the aid of influential persons.

Family dream book

Oak, seen a married woman, indicates the reliability of her marriage. He suggests that her husband has a stable income and able to provide for his family.

Dubovyi Hai is a symbol of success and increase revenues. An even greater improvement in the welfare of promises strewn with acorns oak tree.

Lovers can start to prepare for the wedding, if in the dream one of them had seen oak. This marriage will be strong and happy. Young oak trees in the promise of strong, healthy offspring.

If you dream you saw a pig under an oak, eating the acorns, the reality you will most likely quickly and irrationally spend fallen on you wealth. For business people this dream means loss of a considerable part of income through stupidity or theft of employees.

Women’s dream book

To dream of oak is to have a secured life partner or lover. The oak is a symbol of stability of relations and the personification of material prosperity.

Lots of acorns scattered under the feet and hang in the branches of an oak tree, promise a profit. To plant an oak means to start a new business, which in the future will bring good profit.

Dead tree may indicate unfulfilled desires concerning the improvement of the financial situation. You may refuse the salary increase that you were expecting.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The oak is a symbol of good health and longevity. Dead tree warns of imminent parting with the people you love. Hiding under a tree from rain and wind – so to avoid a lot of danger thanks to the help of an influential patron.

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