What dreams novel

If you have an urgent affair with someone from the real people, means that in reality you will enter into a new relationship. A dream about the novel says that you are willing to accept the courtship of a character and expect him to decisive action.

To dream a novel, dream interpretation

To dream a novel, dream interpretation

Esoteric dream book

When the sleeper dreams that he experiences a love relationship with someone from those whom he knows, in the near future can really be changes in personal Affairs. If you have an affair with a stranger, you will get a person’s attention, which suddenly appear in your life. To see that the relationship began other people to feel lonely.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

  • To read the novel – new love story;
  • buy the novel will be an event that will blow you away;
  • to talk about the novel – an unexpected meeting.

The newest dream book

To engage in romantic interactions in her sleep with anyone from relatives to curse. To read – back a former favorite.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you buy a book in store, prepare to you a Declaration of love. Pay attention to the kind of novel you bought. If it’s a thick, large book, then the relationship will be long lasting and durable. Slim novel, the fleeting infatuation, which will pass very quickly. If the novel is read by someone else, you will hear news about the lovers.

Dream Meridian

To understand what dream of the novel, remember what feeling in the dream, he have caused. If you’re pleased with someone of the opposite sex, so, you ready for a new romantic relationship that will soon come. The negative emotions from the courtship of you can warn that you should not let yourself get too close to unfamiliar people.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

From a psychological point of view people entering the novel in a dream, in fact, feel lonely. They want warmth and love.

  • Tempestuous new emotions, meetings, events;
  • Short-term affair – not to throw yourself in the deep end in a new relationship, they may lead to nothing;
  • An affair with a person of the same sex, you are in big trouble.

Small dream book of Veles

In the dream the novel can be interpreted as a desire to bind to a man who is not ready for a relationship with you. Think about whether or not to forcibly hold someone who doesn’t like you.

  • To read the novel to experience disappointment;
  • To hold in your hands – you will succeed, you just have to make the effort;
  • Smoking novel – failures in love relationships;
  • To see the novel published is to learn about the lovers.

If the sleeper dreams that he is leafing through a novel, he might want to take the initiative in relations with the favourite person.

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