What a dream in which you see the nose?

Seen in a dream the nose can be interpreted in different ways and it has value the size, color, your nose or someone else’s. The interpretation of dreams about noses are often associated with foreboding and reservations.

Nose in a dream

Nose in a dream

Russian folk dream interpretation

Look at the nose in sleep – to wait for trouble.

Gypsy dream book

Big nose is a sign of good luck, enhancement of wealth, friendship with an influential person, the nose is short or the lack of it promising loss and strife, to lose the nose – corruption, double nose – fight with the fight, upturned – naive dreams.

Women’s dream book

Women’s dream believes that the nose is the fortune in the case, but if the nose is too small – to the success can not count. Nose hair – unusual ideas that come to life through the character and energy of the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Itchy nose – a premonition of trouble, danger, careful consideration should be given to businesses that offer to have a unfamiliar person – they can set you up in their machinations. If someone else’s nose can’t concentrate and is constantly distracting – it is impossible to solve the issue in a hurry, better to wait and think another time.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Big nose dreams of wealth and patronage, little – to deception, lost to parting if nose someone grabbed, so ahead of a new relationship.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

What dream nose? The nose is a symbol of intuition, interest, authority. To see someone else’s nose – someone will interfere and harm business, the shaggy – money, pimply – up offense and disorders, lost to illness and divorce, small – for calm.


In the Big dream the nose, especially if it is large, it means the profit small way, to wipe the nose – rest from the cares and businesses, to miss, to love.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The nose is a dream to drink, if it’s crooked – have to be careful with alcohol. Nose has vanished – to the death, turned red – a danger to health, an – trap, not to grief.

The Dream Miller

To see your nose, then the case will be finished, thanks to the strength of character and will. A dream about a big nose for luck, a little to the frustration. Two nose – heavy losses, to blow your nose – to the present, a pimple – you will avoid the opponents. Hairy nose – fortunately, not to have it in to deception and grief, broken or broken nose means that someone prevents you to implement your plans. Bleeding from the nose, your own or someone else’s, misfortune, disease.

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