To see nits in a dream — what is it?

The larvae of lice in real life, no one evoke positive emotions. Dream books about the nits show that their appearance in the dream, promise or financial gain, or failure in business. Interpretation is conducted in connection with the peculiarities of the dream.

what have nits

Dream interpretation what dream nits

Dream Book Of Veles

To detect in her hair a large number of nits – to obtain a responsible job. It will entail unexpected worries and concerns. A dream about the destruction of nits by hands, it foretells about the obstacles and troubles that will soon meet the man on the way to achieving the goal. Poison larvae lice with chemicals – to the loss of chance to profit. This will cause the dreamer a lot of regrets.

Women’s dream book

What dream the nits that appear on the head? To get acquainted with the unpleasant person. At first it may seem interesting and attractive, but then will reveal his true face. His actions will be aimed at the deterioration of life of the dreamer.

A modern dream book

To comb the hair with a thick comb to comb out nits, dreams of the counting of the money, planning costs. Watch on the bed of love appear nits, before a romantic date for the lavishly-furnished table. Try to reset the head nits – endless overcoming of obstacles, which does not succeed.

Oriental dream book

Nits in a dream signify the profit, the wealth, the improvement of material conditions. Getting rid of nits is to unexpected expenses. Help in removing lice and nits from friends, relatives in a dream means spending money on entertainment.

Dream Interpretation Hase

Getting rid of nits in a dream means relief from the reality of the problems, diseases and obstacles. Observe the output of the young lice from the nits to the formation of new complex problems.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

NIT symbolizes the sloppiness, the earthiness of the human thoughts. Removal of nits is to fight with their own desires, and offend the feelings of others. To see a lot of nits on the head of a stranger, a relative or a friend – depending on the opinions of other people. If the sleeper combs larvae of the stranger, to expect financial dependence on someone close.

Family dream book

The vision of nits in the dream the dreamer guarantees trouble. Expect his unjustified hopes, the destruction of the plans for the future. If sleep does not take any attempts to fix it, it expects a catastrophic failure.

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