To dream of a needle

In the dream the needle to symbolize the problems and troubles. If you sew in a dream means that in reality will have to solve various problems. How come trouble with you or with other people they will be, possible to explain, remembering all the events and characteristics of sleep and realizing what having needles.

what dream needles

What dream needles

Small dream book of Veles

To prick with a needle to remember old grudges.

Sew – difficulties, problems and unpleasant situations.

Scattered needle – you are surrounded by evil people.

Lose needle – problems will be solved by themselves.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in the dream the sleeper is trying to thread a needle, and she does not want to get into the lug – in real life he will be faced with an impossible task. If the needle is inserted the red thread – the trouble happens, there will be sacrifice, loss, sickness. To see the needle in the hands of others – trouble is coming from where you do not expect.

The Dream Miller

Needle in a dream – a sign of unpleasant events in life. To prick with a needle – to fail, to be disappointed. In addition, such a dream could mean that in the near future you are waiting for the big conflict, an unpleasant conversation or libel.

Prick up blood – you will be hurt by the fact, as you go around.

Sew – to solve problems.

Sewing other people’s stuff – you don’t want to interfere in the Affairs of others, it will bring trouble.

The needle in the hands of others – against you a plot.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To understand what dream of the needle, you need to consider all aspects of sleep. Perhaps, if you can correctly interpret the vision, you can avoid unpleasant events and losses.

Which needle had?

If you dream of a needle and thread, then life will begin a series of unpleasant events. Try to focus on work, family, and not be distracted by fun activities and entertainment.

Christmas tree needles – make peace with each other.

Needle syringe – gossip, insults, quarrels.

What were you doing with the needle?

Sewed to the trouble.

Wore thread into the decision other people’s problems, helping your relatives.

Prick – a scandal, conflict, big argument.

Broke – to exacerbate strained relations.

Scattered – will be an encounter that disappoint you.

Collected – worry less, do more.

Where’s the needle?

Pierced the body – you have to ask for help from relatives.

Mouth – your relatives need help.

In hand – will have to face difficulties at work.

In the foot – you need to tell someone and get advice.

In bed at your house is not going smoothly, you may need a repair or replacement of communications.

On the floor – against you a plot.

Clothing – it is important to keep yourself in a situation unpleasant situation.

Finger – family will be minor disputes, quarrels, troubles, but very soon all will be adjusted.

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