What dream beads?

The emergence of jewelry in dreams is often interpreted positively. However, some dreams about the beads give a negative Outlook depending on the situation connected with jewelry.

what dream beads

Dream necklace: which means?

Women’s dream book

To accept a gift of beads to a swift marriage-love, happiness. Torn, scattered beads, prividevshayasya in the dream, the promise committing rash actions, which will result in the severance of relations with the beloved. To buy the beads and thus to doubt the choice to uncertainty in real life. A sleeping man cannot decide who is more suited to the role of companion (companion) life.

Imperial dream book

Dream about beads, worn on the neck and squeezing it, – a direct indication that it is time to think about their health. The gravity of jewelry is a manifestation of the severity of the disease in real life. Tearing off the necklace, getting rid of pressure, up to the full recovery and treatment of the disease.

Dream Book Of Veles

Attempt to collect the scattered beads, strung on a string to poverty, sadness, disappointments in people. A tribute in a dream to someone as a gift of beads, foretells separation from loved ones, communication gap with him. To dream of beautiful beads is a long and hard work, which will help to achieve the desired.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Had a bus – soon the dreamer expect pleasant surprises. A negative interpretation of the beads dream to tears and grief, the larger the beads, the woeful life of the person. Beautiful, shiny and bright beads having improvements in my life, and black, irregular in shape – failures. Torn thread and spilled beads dream to frustration, unrealistic expectations. Look at the torn necklace and sigh about this – the betrayal of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To break a heavy beads to the solution of problems, leaving trouble behind. Remove the decoration, which is not like that interfere with normal breathing, liberation from prejudice. What dream beads? To tears and frustration. Stringing on string of beads in a dream portends trouble, which will be provoked by a sleeping person. Dreaming about selling beads promises empty troubles. Wear a long necklace, while feeling the joy – to long-term relationships, where dreams will adore. Short, inconvenient decoration, wearing which a person experiences discomfort – to the wrong choice of a life partner. Should you look closely to the beloved.