What a dream in which you see the neck?

The neck is a very important part of the human body, which provides the connection between the «command center» – the head and the underlying organs and systems. No less symbolic is the appearance of her night dreams. To understand what dream of the neck, we turn to the most popular and reliable books of dreams.

neck in your sleep

What does it mean to see a neck in your sleep

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

According to this source, the neck in a dream symbolizes a life change that can happen in both the positive and negative side. She can talk about the spontaneity of your actions and random twists of fate. Skinny neck in visions means useless work, but thick and fat is the approach of some bodily ailment.

Oriental dream book

According to the testimony of this dream, the neck with a close collar means that you’ll have to deal with unpleasant circumstances. His throat was cut with a separated head can mean to a sick person a speedy recovery, and for the debtor – the future getting rid of debt burden.

Family dream book

Interpretation family dreams, neck dream means disagreement in family life that must be. Otherwise, they can hinder career growth. If a young person sees himself as skinny, thin neck, she needs to work on their character to age not to turn into grumpy and cranky woman.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This source represents the neck of a sleeping man as an integral being. Pressure on the throat area is dependent on someone outside of the will, and the wounds and diseases of the skin talking about possible mistakes and failures, as well as emergency of the disease. When you dream of thick, strong neck, so you’ll respect and prosperity in life, but if she is very thin and the curve is a harbinger of misfortune and losses.

The American dream

Sleep on the neck, according to this source, shows a lack of flexibility and insight. This means that people are not always able to see the full picture of what is happening and correctly assess the circumstances. Also, this vision could mean that someone wants to use you for their own purposes and «sits» on your neck.

A modern dream book

Vision own neck in the dream is a sign of the unpleasant family quarrels, which become a problem in your business. Capture someone’s neck suggests that your negative attitude towards life’s problems can put an end to family relationships.

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