Nails in a dream – that mean?

The interpretation of dreams to help you better understand yourself and to understand the true state of Affairs. People who saw in a dream a variety of items, aim to find out what the dream meant. Consider what your dreams mean, which involve nails.

What dream nails

What dream nails

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

According to the interpretation of this source, if in the dream an unmarried girl drives a nail him marry her soon.

Autumn dream interpretation

The symbolism of the nail in this dream interpretation is connected with core, strength, health. To kill in a dream where anything interpreted as a finding the right solution to current problems. If night vision you pulled a curved nail, it means that things will go wrong because of your own cowardice.

Esoteric dream book

This source answers the question, what dream nails: it is a symbol of sadness and failure. If you score them in the dream, it means that life will find the optimal solution of the current problems. But to get them – promises to failure in solving cases. To see a nail in a night vision, and especially to find it – portends great happiness in reality.

Summer dream

The interpreter interprets the value of the nails in dreams as an approximation of the diseases of the joints of the legs and feet. Also, according to this dream-teller, nails indicate the presence of obvious problems at work.

If you drive a nail, you can bow to the illegal actions, extracting promises to avoid the possibility of illegal conduct.

The newest dream book

The dream interpreter says that if the dream to see yourself hammering nails, it will lead to fast enrichment. That is, hammering nails in a dream, you will be able to collect a fortune in reality.

Family dream book

If to dream nails, it speaks of the hard work for unworthy cost. To score or sell them means that you will find a noble and honorable work, but for a modest earnings. If in night vision old nails, bent or rusty, it is a warning about the imminent failure or health problems.


According to this dream book, nails in the night visions symbolize domestic conflicts, strife and grief. If in the dream woman sees herself drive nails, it predicts that she would win the competition with the rival. But if scoring it, hit on the finger, it tells about upcoming problems and troubles.

A modern dream book

This source treats nails as a symbol of success, the possibility of achieving the desired goal. If the dream is hammering a free man, it promises a quick wedding. And if they scored the person who is married, it signified the addition to the family or wealth creation.

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