Nails in a dream. What to expect

Manicured nails and a beautiful manicure – the indispensable image of the item a careful man that is well groomed. What does the future portend dream nails, talk dreams.

What dream nails

What dream nails

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

What dream nails: clean – conflict or purchases; dirty – shame. To cut them to lose money or break with lover; a beautiful manicure with long nails promises of money and new business and love Affairs.

Dream Meridian

To dream nails on the feet – hard work for little reward; well maintained – good health; broken is a sign of monetary failure; a torn – warning about possible injuries and wounds.

Gypsy dream book

To dream very long nails by dream – a huge profit; short – to losses and troubles; trim them to dishonor and family scandal; snatch – the sign of great troubles, serious illness and even death.

Ukrainian dream book

With sleep long nails – a sign of infeasibility of your plans; short-cut to the hassle, bustle; to gnaw them to losses.

Seen growing nails – live to a ripe old age.

Women’s dream book

If you had nails, you will have a lot of work, but the payment will be lower.

The nails were dirty – will experience shame and disgrace, if not quickly correct the situation.

Broken nails is a sign of illnesses and business failures.

Did in a dream manicure – in reality will be engaged modest, but very worthy cause.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Nails in a dream was beautiful, well groomed – you’ll be safe; a hair cut or bitten – a harbinger of loss, discord and inability to influence the situation.

Manicures – up to secret plans; bite into something nail show arrogance and cruelty.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

A dream plot with clean long nail is good luck, help in trouble; from dirty – to grief and distress; short – sorrows. Pulled out the nails to poverty, cut – to disputes.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

What dream nails on the hands: long, sign of disappointments; short – a symbol of the hustle and bustle; a healthy, shiny – the harbinger of unexpected news and insidiousness of the other.

Dirty – in an unfortunate incident; a rapidly growing – a sign of imminent wealth; the circumcised the promise of failure; to grasp something — to glory; to pull out – for reconciliation with their families; to gnaw – to insults.

Lunar dream book

Sleep with long nails – profits or cancellation of the plans; with cut – loss, poverty, vanity, failure; quickly grew rich.

A modern dream book

Nails in a dream – a symbol of protection, display the state of your health, strength, social status.

What dream nails: short – to grief and sadness; beautiful – to wealth and respect; extremely long – to high-risk conflicts and troubles because of your cruelty; broken – up after the bad times; to crop them to insults, quarrels, irritation, or acceptance of difficult decisions; to gnaw – to gifts; to do manicure the woman expensive shopping and new clothes; to see the beautiful women’s manicure man to dangerous situations in life.

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